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February 13, 1967

Ministry for State Security, 'Single Information about the Display in the Showcases of the Embassy of the PR China in the GDR with anti-Soviet Materials'

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Ministry for State Security


Berlin, 13 February 1967


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Nr. 128/67

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Single Information


The Display in the Showcases of the Embassy of the PR China in the GDR

with anti-Soviet Materials



On 13 February 1967, 7:00 AM hours, the two showcases of the Embassy in front of the Embassy building of the PR China in the GDR, Berlin-Karlshorst, Hermann Duncker Street 26, were newly designed.

The half of each showcase is displaying images dealing with the provocation by Chinese students on Red Square in Moscow from the perspective of the leadership circles around Mao.


One showcase contains an editorial where the behavior of the Chinese students is praised as a “revolutionary deed”.


Among else, it is stating that it “caused panic among the Soviet revisionists who got carried away to commit an unprecedented bloody deed. Hundreds of militia and secret police were dispatched against the peace-loving and defenseless Chinese students”.   


Images on display are featuring the Chinese students reciting from the “works” of Mao in front of the mausoleum on Red Square in Moscow, subsequently intervening Soviet militia and civilians, and thus emerging confrontation.


Furthermore, there are on display staged images of wounded and bleeding Chinese. Each of those images is commented with clearly slanderous anti-Soviet captions, for instance:


1. “This citizen got severely injured by Soviet agents through kicks in his chest; he is in life-threatening condition”.

2. “Victim of the fascist bloody deed of the Soviet revisionists”.


The other parts of the showcases are decorated with images about China’s solidarity with Vietnam and cultural events in China.


However, the overall character of the current design of these showcases is clearly defined by the slanderous and demagogic attacks against the USSR and the CPSU leadership.


It got noted that after the display of these showcases, the passers-by devoted more attention than usual to the materials on display.


The [GDR] Foreign Ministry, [Deputy Foreign Minister and State Secretary Josef] Hegen has already been informed by the Ministry for State Security. The Foreign Ministry will inform about measures to be undertaken.


A report on the anti-Soviet materials displayed in front of the Chinese Embassy in East Germany.

Document Information


BStU, ZA, HA XX, 1125. Translated by Bernd Schaefer.


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