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February 28, 1986

Ministry for State Security, 'Statement on the Iraqi Request'

[MfS] HV A/Department III

Berlin, 28 February 1986


[added in handwriting: Agreed, Mielke]



Statement on the Iraqi Request


Since 1969, and most recently in 1985, the Iraqi side attempted to establish a formal cooperation with the MfS. In this regard they used the presence of Iraqi Ministry of Interior delegations in the GDR and en route stays by Saadoum Shaker, Minister of Interior of the Republic of Iraq, in August 1975 and February 1985. A scheduled meeting between the Minister of Interior and the GDR Minister for State Security in 1985 did not materialize since Saadoum Shaker shortened his stay. (The MfS has always reacted to these efforts with reserve.)


From our point of view a formal cooperation with Iraqi security organs is neither appropriate nor necessary for political and operative reasons. It also must be noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran [IRI] might become aware of a collaboration between Iraq and the MfS. In the current situation such could negatively affect political relations between the GDR and the IRI. Any form of cooperation in intelligence matters would also be used by Iraqi intelligence and counterintelligence organs against progressive [communist] Iraqi forces. The [MfS] Main [Foreign Intelligence] Department [HV A] has operative intelligence information according to which Iraqi services concluded an agreement of collaboration with West German intelligence organs in 1984.


Consultations with the [GDR] Ministry for External Affairs and the Ministry for Foreign Trade confirmed our position: A rejection of, respectively non-compliance with, the renewed Iraqi request will not have any negative political or economic impacts on bilateral relations between the GDR and Iraq. We might respond to the Iraqi request along the lines that due to constraints in time and capacities in 1986 there is no space to receive such an Iraqi delegation. We would have to reconsider the issue at a later date.


3 pages (history of relations)

The Ministry for State Security rejects efforts on the part of the Iraq Ministry of Interior to establish formal cooperation.


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BStU, ZA, HA X 104, pp. 48. Translated for CWIHP by Bernd Schaefer.


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