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September 30, 1954

Minutes of the Conversation between Vice Premier Li Xiannnian and the Head of the Albanian Government Delegation Behar Shtylla

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Minutes of the Conversation between Vice Premier Li Xiannnian and the Head of the Albanian Government Delegation Behar Shtylla


Time: Noon, September 30, 1954

Translator: Yuan Zhenmin, Xie Yongchang


Vice Premier Li Xiannian expressed the hope that Minister Shtylla would learn more about the various circumstances of China and he also expressed that he would be willing to know the requests of the delegation. Shtylla responded that he would like to visit some industrial, agricultural, and cultural sites, such as Anshan in the northeast, state-owned farms, and universities. Vice Premier Li Xiannian expressed that the delegation could visit the industrial sites in Fushun in passing after they visited Anshan and that they could visit the cultural sites in Beijing.


Then Head of the Delegation Shtylla presented the following requests:


First, we request Chinese government to send a delegation to attend the commentations for Albania’s National Day which will be held on November 29. If the request is approved, we will submit an official note immediately.


Second, before our departure [from Albania], our government instructed us that if possible, we would like to negotiate some agreements relating to the culture, science, and technology of Albania and China with the Chinese government. This issue has been formally addressed by Ambassador Xu Yixin in Albania and it will be good even if we only make some basic confirmations in China. We can further discuss the details later.


Third, we would like to communicate with other responsible comrades to learn more about the circumstances of your country.


Fourth, the Central Committee of the Communist Albanian Party of Labor requested me to bring some gifts to Chairman Mao. Please arrange a way to present the gifts.


Fifth, Comrade Hoxha has a letter to be delivered to Comrade Liu Shaoqi. I have talked with Comrade Shaoqi about this issue when I had a meeting with the chairman yesterday and I hope to find an appropriate time to submit this letter to Comrade Shaoqi in person after the National Day commemorations.


Sixth, I hope to take some plant seeds back. I was informed that China has a kind of rice which can grow in dry land and I hope to get some seeds of this kind of rice to take back. In addition, I also hope to take back some seeds for vegetables and forage grass which can grow year round. If possible, I am willing to discuss some issues about agriculture.


Seventh, there is a comrade from a military department in our delegation. If your country has planned some activities to contact to the Chinese military departments for the generals of other governments' delegations, can you permit Lieutenant Colonel La-mo-xi-tuo [soc], a member of Albanian delegation to participate in such activities too? If you do not have such plans, can Comrade Lieutenant Colonel have some contacts with the comrades in the Ministry of National Defense?


Vice Premier Li's responses were as follows:


First, China is willing to attend the National Day commemoration and this attendance is possible. I will send the requests of your country to our Chairman and Premier;


Second, negotiating agreements about culture, science, and technology is possible. We will notify our Chairman and Premier of this issue;


Third, please specify the person you want to meet. We will try to make an arrangement;


Forth, many thanks for the gifts to Chairman Mao. We will inform you of the specific way to present the gifts after we discuss this issue;


Fifth, we can deliver the letter to Comrade Liu Shaoqi. We will inform you of this delivery after we discuss this issue.


Sixth, we can provide the seeds to you and I am wondering if you would like to have a talk with our Minister of Agricultural.


Seventh, there is no problem for Comrade La-mo-xi-tuo 's to have contact with the comrades in the Ministry of National Defence. We will make arrangements.


Li Xiannian and Shtylla discuss cooperation between Albania and the PRC.

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PRC FMA 204-00005-13, 45-46. Translated by Yiping Chen.


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