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March 29, 1982

Minutes of the Meeting between Wang Sheng (Director of the General Political Warfare Department, Ministry of National Defense, Taiwan) and General Tan Sri Mohd Ghazali Seith (Chief of Defense Forces, Ministry of Defense)

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Time: 15:40 p.m. - 16:10 p.m.

Venue: Office of Chief of Staff of Defense Minister


Wang [Sheng]: I have been admiring your experience in suppressing the Communists so I am here to learn from you.


[Mohd] Ghazali [Seith]: Thank you for your visit. We do have our way of handling communist elements, but we have a very different situation than other countries. Our suppression is mostly conducted in jungles in nonconventional ways. I learnt that you also have experience in fighting against the Chinese Communist Party and I would love to listen to it.


Wang: We have dealt with the Chinese Communists for half a century, and we deeply sensed the conspiracy, atrocity, and ruthlessness of the Communists, who are honey-mouthed and dagger-hearted. Communist warfare is both visible and invisible. The invisible warfare includes ideology, strategy, intelligence, organization, psychology, and mass war. We learned of such experience after numerous failures and hard fights, and we are willing to share the experience with our Malaysian friends who are also anticommunist. In addition, Taiwan and Malaysia share common enemies so we should strengthen cooperation in many aspects even if we do not have formal diplomatic relations.


Ghazali: Though the Malaysian government is taking an anticommunist policy, we also maintain diplomatic relations with countries from the Communist bloc. The military officers in Malaysia do not get involved in political affairs but we will follow whatever decision our government may make. According to the current national policies of Taiwan and Malaysia, I am convinced we are in a state of mutual understanding and respect. Based on the decisions made by our government, we may further develop bilateral relations and extend such relations into many other aspects.


Wang: Taiwan and Malaysia share the same goal and interest. As for substantiating our relations further, if you wish, we will be willing to assist you with your anticommunist cause. On behalf of the ROC Chief of General Staff Hao Po-tsun, I send his sincere greetings and he welcomes your visit to Taiwan when the timing is ripe.


Ghazali: I wish you all success in Malaysia.



General Wang and General Ghazali discusses Taiwan and Malaysia's common struggle agaisnt communism


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Box 16, Wang Sheng Papers, Hoover Institution Archives. Translated by Fulong He.


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