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November 4, 1957

Mounting a Coup d’État in Lebanon

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Mounting a coup d’état in Lebanon


The first phase: Organising a popular festival in the suburbs of Beirut.


The location has not been decided upon yet, but they are thinking of Ghadir (which belongs to the Salam family).


Clashing with the security forces.


Leaders seeking refuge in al-Mukhtara, Baalbeik, or Hermel.


Declaring a rebellion against the Government.


Announcing the formation of the Government of Free Lebanon and informing the Army Command, security forces, government departments, and all employees about the new government's policies which can be summarised as follows:


Dissolution of the National Assembly.


Dismissing the President of the Republic and putting him on trial.


Dismissing the Government and putting its members on trial.


Establishing revolutionary courts in the areas under their control.


Communists and opposition supporters will launch mass demonstrations in support of the Revolutionary Government in the Lebanese capital and towns.


Egypt, Syria, and communist supporters are behind this move, which counts on the assistance of: Ahmad al-As'ad - Sabri Hamadeh - Kamal Jumblatt - Hamid Franjieh's group - Hachem al-Husseini - Rachid Karami - Maarouf Saad - Sa'eb Salam – and Abdullah al-Yafi.

Account of plans and objectives for a coup in Lebanon.


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