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September 11, 1987

North Korea’s Advance Notice for Delivery of a Letter to the National Olympic Committee of the ROK on the Olympic games

(stamped confidential)
North Koreas advance notice for delivery of a letter on the Olympic Games

1. North Korea through its central broadcast at 18.00 hours on 11th September said that North Korea NOC President Kim Yu Sun will send two liaison officers to Panmunjom special conference room at 15.00 hours on 4th September to deliver a letter to the Korean Olympic Committee President , Chong-Ha Kim and requested South Korea to send a man to receive this letter.

2. Evaluation

North Korea requested a fifth sports negotiation before the invitation ceremony on 17th September and said that if it was not possible then the ceremony to send the invitations should be postponed. At the time of the fourth sports meeting on 14th July 1987, North Korea requested a direct meeting between North and South Korea. Under such circumstance it is possible that North Korea because of lack of time may propose direct talks between North and South to discuss the co-hosting, and the possibility of having a unified team, separate from the IOC meetings. Such an attitude of North Korea is due to the fact that :

- the position of the IOC regarding the allocation of sports to North Korea is very strong.

- North Korea is afraid of the weakening of their justification for co-hosting once the 17th September invitations have been sent out;

Therefore, North Korea plots to divide the IOC and South Korea and blames South Korea as being responsible if the talks break down.

3. Position of South Korea

First of all, in view of the close collaboration and relationship with the IOC it will

- immediately inform the IOC of this notice from North Korea about the delivery of the letter and inform the IOC of its content upon receipt.

- all four sports talks took place under the auspices of the IOC and therefore, Seoul would like to successfully conclude these negotiations in close collaboration with the IOC.

4. By telephone on 12th September at 11.00 hours South Korea will inform North Korea that it will collect the letter at 15.00 hours on 15th September.

An advance notice from North Korea that a letter on issues regarding the 1988 Summer Olympics will be delivered. Issues of co-hosting and other negotiations are covered.

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International Olympic Committee Archives (Switzerland), SEOUL’ 88/ 4EME ET 5 EME REUNION DES DEUX COREES 1987; SEOUL 88/ 5 EME REUNION DES 2 COREES. Obtained for NKIDP by Sergey Radchenko.


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