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December 21, 1961

Note about a Dinner with the Ambassador of Bulgaria

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GDR Embassy in DPRK

Pyongyang, 21 December 1961





about a Dinner with the Ambassador of the PR Bulgaria on 15 December 1961


On 15 December 1961 I was invited to a dinner by the Bulgarian ambassador, Comrade Bogdanov. Further present were the Polish Ambassador, Comrade Digljas, and the Ambassador of the PR Hungary, Comrade Kovacs.


During the course of conversation the focus was obviously on positions of our parties concerning the XXII [CPSU] Party Congress and the corresponding attitudes of the KWP. All comrades present expressed the expectation for a somewhat more consequent statement by the KWP politburo about the activities of the Albanian leadership. Everybody shared the opinion that pressure and influence of pro-Chinese circles within the KWP leadership have increased. Apparently Comrade Kim Il Sung, who feels particularly inhibited due to his own perspective on personality cult, has made concessions on many issues.


Comrade Bogdanov informed he had inquired with the press department of the KWP foreign ministry why there are no reports in the Korean media about the Central Committee plenary sessions of the fraternal parties. He received only evasive responses. He also provided an interesting information according to which Kim Il Sung had failed with his proposal to replace the current Minister of Defense, Kim Gwang-hyeop [Kim Kwang-hyop], with the Chairman of the General Staff.


Note: This last information must be viewed with utmost caution. In my opinion, such a proposal was not made by Kim Il Sung since the pro-Chinese attitude of the Chairman of the General Staff is widely known.



K[urt] Schneidewind




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Analying Korea's position on the 12th Party Congress, and Korea's behavior towards China, Albania, and other communist parties.

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SAPMO-BA, DY 30, IV 2/20/136. Translated for NKIDP by Bernd Schaefer.


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