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Note for Comrade Veljko Micunovic’s Personal Use

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For Comrade Veljko Micunovic

(for his personal use)


During the 17th Session of the Presidium of the LCY [the League of the Communists of Yugoslavia], in the Brioni, on April 30 c.y., around noon, on the third day of the meeting L. Brezhnev called comrade Tito on the telephone. Brezhnev, referring to the information, was interested in the alleged movements of our troops toward Belgrade and in our internal situation that he qualified as “very important.”


Comrade Tito rejected such information and said that it is a lie. He told him that the meeting is developing successfully, that the strengthening of our Party is in the works and that we have many large issues that we need to resolve. Comrade Tito stressed that we have enough strength to resolve those [issues] by ourselves, without any help from anyone. Brezhnev said that he understands and applauds the initiative and the strenuousness to give the correct answer to all enemies of socialism. Comrade Tito said that we are doing it ourselves and that we are strong enough for that.


Brezhnev made an apology because until now he did not have an opportunity to come and talk with comrade Tito. Comrade Tito said that he is sorry too, to what Brezhnev responded that after the holiday (he referred to May Day) they could find time for a meeting and talks.


At the end of this short conversation and upon Brezhnev’s remark that they can’t discuss everything that they would like over the phone, comrade Tito agreed with that and stressed that is “enough for you to know that we are going to resolve our troubles by ourselves.”


A summary of a phone call between Tito and Brezhnev. The latter inquiries about "movements of troops toward Belgrade."

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Arhiv Jugoslavije (AJ), Kabinet Predsednika Republike (KPR), fond 837, I-5-b, 1971 (SSSR). Obtained and translated by Milorad Lazic.

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