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February 6, 1953

Note from the Embassy of the Polish Republic in Korea

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Embassy Pyongyang, 6.II.1953

of the Polish Republic



No. 2421/9/53/TJN [tajne—secret]




According to information obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here, as well as from heads of diplomatic missions here (Mongolian Ambassador, Hungarian envoy), every day the tempo of preparations for the spring battles increases. The American diplomats are screaming about the need to substitute Asian military units for the American ones, and as a result of this noise the command of the USA really has begun to withdraw its units from the front, but only in order to shift them to the south with the goal of intensive training in landing. At the same time, the Syngman Rhee-ites, who have served in the navy, are being pulled away from the front thus creating future landing armies.


They are also counting here on the inclusion in the landing groups of some of the VII USA fleet brought here from Taiwan and the English Far Eastern war fleet, whose commanders have recently been to Tokyo and Korea. The imperialists are bringing all the Far Eastern forces for the Eisenhowerian solution to the question of Korea, and this is why there exists the likelihood that they will deploy the Chiang Kai-Shek-ists against China in the area of Andong [Dandong], i.e., on the Chinese-Korean border, with the goal of cutting off one of the main supply routes to the DPRK.


The population of North Korea realizes that hard battles are approaching, but even the most reactionary elements know that at the end of the day the DPRK will win. The example of liberated China and the third year of the war in Korea itself have broken the reactionists’ faith in the power of the USA. The most shaky elements, traders, speculators and so forth, are taking into account the possibility that the front will move temporarily, and this is why they are trying to speculate as much as possible, to earn money by inflating the price of gold and silver, upsetting the stability of the DPRK’s currency.


The Americans are now dropping spies en masse, mostly former residents of North Korea. The drops are taking place at night, mostly from helicopters. The security service and the population are intercepting whole groups of these spies, five, ten and more of them. The mass consciousness-raising political work is yielding increasingly better and longer-lasting results in the period of preparation for the hard battles.


3 copies made Góra Józef

[…] Charge d’Affaires a.i.

of the Embassy of the PRL [People’s Republic of Poland]

A report on the current situation of war preparations between the US and the DPRK.


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