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April 13, 1964

Note, Homi Bhabha to Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri

Government of India

Atomic Energy Commission




REF: C-94-64


April 13, 1964.


Dear Lal Bahadurji,


I attach herewith a synopsis from the U.K. Press No.425 issued at New Delhi under the heading ‘India can make Bomb’ on 2nd April 1964, which I have just seen. That we could make an atomic bomb, if we wanted to, has been stated openly tor quite some time, and the President himself said so in a speech to Parliament some years ago. That we are striving to obtain Government decision to do so is however false. As you are aware, since you deal with atomic energy matters, no paper has been sent either to you or to the Prime Minister suggesting that we take up the manufacture of atomic weapons, and even the Atomic Energy Commission has had no paper to this effect before it. The article in the Sunday Telegraph appears to be full of misinformation, and I do not know whether we should contradict it or simply remain quiet.


With kind regards,


Yours sincerely,



[Homi Bhabha]



Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri,

Minister Without Portfolio,



In a note to Shri Lal Shastri, Homi Bhaba attached the Sunday Telegraph article, which claims that India could make an atomic bomb if she wanted to. Since there are no evidences of Indian manufacturing of atomic weapons, Dr. Bhaba wanted to know if the country should contradict the article or simple remain quiet.

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National Archives of India, Ministry of External Affairs, File No. XPP/3073/36/64. Obtained by Vivek Prahladan.

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