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May 24, 1989

Note on Meeting with Comrade Ri Jong-geun on 24 May 1989

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Berlin, 24 May 1989



Note on Meeting with Comrade Ri Jong-geun [Ri Jong Gun] on 24 May 1989


The meeting was arranged upon a request by Comrade Ri in the DPRK Embassy in Berlin. Following a request by Comrade Ri, a list of members from the MfS operative unit bound to travel to the 13th World Youth Festival was handed over. He also received the flight schedule for the special MfS aircraft to Pyongyang.


When handing him the material, Comrade Ri was repeatedly informed that the MfS unit will work and stay in the GDR Embassy in Pyongyang following an order by Comrade Minister [Mielke]. It was emphasized that a permanent flow and exchange of information between the MfS unit, the delegation residence, and the National Club of the Free German Youth [official GDR delegation to World Youth Festival] will be guaranteed.


Regarding requests by Comrade Ri made on 18 May 1989, the following responses were given:


  • MfS is willing to support him and his work in the capacity of a liaison officer from the DPRK Ministry for State Protection;
  • Best option to prevent exit travel from the GDR by DPRK students/aspirants/interns: collect all passports in DPRK Embassy;
  • Comrade Ri will be informed when there are any incidents occurring in the GDR involving DPRK citizens;
  • So far there is no information whatsoever on planned terrorist or extremist actions by the enemy during the 13th World Youth Festival.


(signed) Hielscher



Handwritten additions [responses by Ri Jonggeun]:

  • Majority of Korean students/aspirants/interns do not have a passport
  • Enemy aims at recruiting DPRK citizens as defectors
  • Main Focus: Cooperation GDR-Hungary (reason: diplomatic relations between PR Hungary and South Korea)


(signed) Hielscher



Ri Jong-geun requests that East Germany provide the DPRK with information of Korean nationals in the GDR.


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BStU, ZA, HA X, 390, p. 54. Obtained and translated by NKIDP by Bernd Schaefer.


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