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March 26, 1986

Note on a Meeting in the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq with Ambassador Fawzi al-Bander




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On 26 March 1986 a meeting was held upon request by the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq, Fawzi al-Bander, in the building of the embassy (Mr. [redacted] from the Iraqi Embassy served as interpreter).


The ambassador asked for feedback to the request he filed on order of the Baghdad Center on 9 September 1985 concerning the delegation of a [Iraqi intelligence] study group [to the GDR].


We told the ambassador that the MfS sees no prospect to receive this study group over the course of 1986 due to its very heavy workload (XI Party Congress [of the SED], elections, and other events on the central level). We requested to forward this response to the Center and ask for understanding. The Iraqi request ought to be reviewed again at a later stage.


The Ambassador reacted calmly and professionally and promised to forward this information to his Center. He did not make attempts to change the MfS position by raising counterarguments.

The talk proceeded in a friendly atmosphere.


[Signed] Damm
Major General


Ambassador al-Bander follows up on a request for Iraqi intelligence officers to visit the Ministry for State Security, but is informed it will not be possible in 1986.


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BStU, ZA, HA X 104, p. 47. Translated for CWIHP by Bernd Schaefer.


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