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September 15, 1973

Note on Military Coup in Chile by S.K. Arora, Deputy Secretary, Americas

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Note on Military Coup in Chile

Prepared by S.K. Arora, Deputy Secretary, AMS, Americas Division, MEA

DATE: September 15, 1973



…It would be difficult to draw any definite conclusions about the possibility of external interferences in Chilean affairs as the domestic situation was explosive enough to enable the defense forces to overthrow President Allende’s Government without outside help; a majority of the population groaning under the crumbling economy would perhaps be prepared to suffer a spell of military rule. However, keeping in view the earlier attempts of the CIA to block President Allende’s inauguration through the agency of International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation, the possibility of external encouragement to the armed forces cannot be totally eliminated. There have been reports, denied by the US Government that he United States had advance knowledge of the impending coup. The White House has categorically denied any involvement with Chilean affairs. In any case, the United States would be happy at the downfall of the leftist government in Chile. It would also be a setback to the leftist elements of Latin America.


India’s relations with Chile have always been friendly but they became warmer with the assumption of power by President Allende. During the Bangladesh crisis, the Chilean Government showed a very sympathetic understanding of the situation in the sub-continent. As early as September 1971 the Chilean Government agreed to receive an unofficial delegation from Bangladesh and during the General Assembly Resolution of December 7, unlike other Latin American countries (excluding Cuba), she abstained from voting on this Resolution.



Speculates about the CIA's potential role in the coup in Chile.


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