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December 16, 1965

Notes of Meeting between PLA CC Secretary Hysni Kapo and Chinese Ambassador Xu Jianguo, 16 December 1965

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With the Chinese ambassador

I. — I have called you about an issue that our party considers very important and at the same time [an issue about which] it is essential to inform the leadership of your party. Please refer this matter to comrade Deng Xiaoping, as the party’s general secretary, so that the leadership can be informed.

The issue related to the Polish Marxists-Leninists. The Polish Marxists-Leninist comrades have informed us that they have decided to establish the Polish Marxist-Leninist Party. They say that they will announce the establishment of the Party through a flysheet that they will issue, [and] they have told us that they have taken all the necessary measures for working under conditions of the great reaction resulting from the activity of Polish revisionists upon the formation of the Marxist-Leninist Party.

We consider this step of the Marxist-Leninists to be very important and serious, an important event, not only because it takes place in Poland — for Poland — but [also because] it is important for all countries where revisionists rule, especially in the Soviet Union, when they find out that Polish Marxist-Leninists are forming their own party.

We have known for a while that the Polish Marxist-Leninist comrades have become acquainted with the comrades of your embassy in Warsaw, ​​as well as with ours. Perhaps the Polish Marxist-Leninist comrades will have informed the comrades of your embassy; nevertheless, we still feel obliged to inform the leadership of the sister Communist Party of China through you, by conveying what I am telling you to comrade Deng Xiaoping.

The Polish comrades have told us that they consider this issue very important and at the same time very secret, in order for us to be informed but also for our representatives in Warsaw to be careful of provocations that the revisionists may carry out. The revisionists will surely pounce against you and against us, so we will be careful.

As you are aware, we have gotten to know the Polish Marxist-Leninist comrades since approximately two years ago and we informed your leadership. We have been continuously in contact with them and we have provided them with the help they have requested. To the best of our ability, we have provided them with funds, mimeographs, typewriters.

We feel it is our duty, both now and in the future, to help our Polish Marxist-Leninist comrades - with whatever means and opportunities we have available, which you know that are scarce.

Please understand us once again, that in spite of the very secretive character of the matter about which the Polish Marxist-Leninist comrades have informed us, the Central Committee of our Party cannot fail to inform the leadership of the Communist Party of China through comrade Deng Xiaoping. We know how careful the sister Communist Party of China is in keeping this secret related to the Polish comrades.

II.— I would like to inform you that this year we have tried to assist in many ways the Marxist-Leninist forces with which we have ties.

- In addition to ideological materials - visits to Albania by representatives of the Marxist-Leninist parties and groups, with whom we have exchanged views, we have organized seminars on issues they have themselves showed interest in. [W]ithin our capabilities and with the aid that the Communist Party of China has made available to us for the years 1964-65, these forces have also received material aid.

- There are now two groups of Spanish and Portuguese comrades in our country, with whom a seminar is being held on issues that the Spanish and Portuguese Marxist Leninist leaders have themselves asked for: ideological and military issues.

Many sister parties and Marxist-Leninist forces have asked to send their people to Albania to attend seminars and courses. We have promised them that we will host them.

For this purpose we will necessarily pay for expenses and help our Marxist-Leninist comrades within our means, wherever they are.

For example, the Indonesian comrades have spoken to our ambassador in Beijing about the Indonesian students in the revisionist countries, where there are communists, where there are non-communist but good elements, but where it is not known how many of these there are. They have proposed that all of them come to study in Albania.

There is also the center of the Communist Party of Indonesia for Europe, which is in Prague at the moment.

We agree to help our Indonesian friends. So we think that they:

a) Inform us about how many students they have in these countries from which they want to leave,

 b) For us to accept those students who are communists, [so] that they pursue studies in our country whether at the university or at the Higher Party School, or in the military academies.

c) We are ready to help other students who might go to some other country through Albania.

We also agree that the Indonesian comrades have their party center for Europe located in Albania. Here they will have better opportunities and working conditions in the interest of their party.

On all these issues, our party considers it its internationalist duty to help with all its scarce material means, which you know well.

Hysni Kapo

Note: The comrade ambassador welcomed the information and promised that he would immediately pass on the news given to him to comrade Deng Xiaoping.

Hysni Kapo summarizes a meeting with Xu Jianguo where Kapo discussed the establishment of a new Polish political party and Albanian support for comrades in Spain, Portugal, and Indonesia.

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Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror (Central State Archives, Tirana, Albania), Fondi 14/AP, Marrëdhëniet me Partinë Komuniste të Kinës, V. 1965, Dos. 17, Fl. 2-4. Contributed and translated by Elidor Mëhilli.


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