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October 21, 1976

Notice from Hanne Boye, Dept. for Protocol, to Ole Bierring, Secretary General, 'North Korean Embassy in Sweden'

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[stamp] HANNA BOYE



to Secretary General Ole Bierring


North Korean Embassy in Sweden


I received the following statement, dictated, by telephone, from Ambassador Schram-Nielsen, Stockholm, to Secretary General Bierring.


“North Korea’s embassy in Sweden. Conversation with Aastrøm.


At the time of writing, the situation was as follows:

The North Korean embassy here have been summoned for a series of talks at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and have been advised to leave along with the other embassy personnel.


The Ambassador has informed me today that he has been instructed to return home within a couple of days.


If he was to leave while other staff were still present at the embassy, the Foreign Ministry would without a doubt declare that their presence was also unwanted.


No final decision on this has been made, however. (e.g. what was to be done in case the Ambassador refused to leave). First and foremost, this decision depends on the final police report.


It should also be taken into consideration that the Swedish embassy staff in North Korea may be subjected to harassment or other uncomfortable treatment, were the two countries to breach diplomatic relations. In such circumstances, Sweden would also have 620 million kroners ‘on the run’ in North Korea.


Department for Protocol, 21. October 1976

Hanne Boye





A summary of a meeting between the Danish ambassador in Sweden and the Swedish Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs concerning the North Korean smuggling affair.

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Rigsarkivet, Udenrigsministeriet (0002), Journalsager gruppe 003-004 (1973-1988), 1567 (4 Q 110). Obtained by Charles Kraus.


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