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May 8, 1986

Notice: Information from Places of Evacuation

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Information from places of evacuation


Polesskoe District


Dissatisfaction is being expressed in connection with the fact that those evacuated are being better provided for than the local people.


In one case, KGB workers eliminated the preconditions for a negative incident. On May 5 at 19.00, a truck loaded with vodka arrived on the central square of the city and began selling. A crowd of around 1,000 people formed, and there were pushing and scandals. The truck was sent to the border of the city / 5 km /, which allowed the crowd to disperse and normalized the situation.


In the city and the district, many unemployed individuals and hooligan elements, who take 10-15 bottles of vodka [at a time], have accumulated. It is necessary to strengthen the work of the police. Near the building of the District Committee, many people are gathering and spreading panicked rumors. 3 persons have been subjected to preventative measures.


There are 6 persons in the district hospital with signs of radiation sickness. 2,965 persons out of those evacuated remain.


1 person has been excluded from membership in the CPSU for willful departure from his or her place of work as a strict reprimand for a second offense.


Borodianka District


A precise count of those dispersed has not been done / they are being searched for / . There are complications in questions of food, since the only [available] food is from the cooperative store, where prices are high. Workers from the sanitary epidemiological station are not sufficiently inspecting foodstuffs that are being sold or sent for processing.


There are 17 persons in the district hospital.


Ivankov District


According to information from “PK”, Levchuk sent a document from the village of Sosnovka to his relatives in Western Ukraine containing malicious expressions toward the leadership of the party in connection to the explosion at the atomic energy station, panicked rumors, and dissatisfaction with the measures that have been taken. An inspection is being conducted. [This sentence is crossed out and replaced with “The author is being established.” in handwriting]. V. G. Artiukh, born 1934 and with no Party affiliation, an inhabitant of Irkutsk Oblast, was on vacation at his parents’ when he was subjected to preventive measures by KGB workers for spreading panicked rumors / with documentation thereof /. A sufficiently organized system of decontamination is being run. 2,390 persons out of those evacuated remain. There are episodic cases of failure to appear for work for domestic reasons.


Kiev [this heading is handwritten]


The situation in the city of Kiev is basically normal. On the 7-8th of May, 30 million rubles were withdrawn from deposits at the Sberkassa bank. There are no limitations on withdrawals.


Despite the order sent from the City Executive Committee there is no cleaning being conducted of the means of public transport in parks.


During the period of preparation for celebration of the 1st of May holiday, pupils in schools were given training suits in which they practiced the program on the 27th, 28th, and 29th of May [sic. April]. From the 5th to the 8th of May, these suits were returned in schools. The clothing has a significantly high level of background radiation. The schools are planning to send the suits to the Pioneer Palace. [Handwritten: Decontamination needed.]


The following were given warnings for spreading panicked and provocative rumors through the administration and Party agencies:


N.A. Ushkanenko, born 1949, no party affiliation, mid-level technical education, engineer in the “Vodstroiindustriya” design office


T.I. Gorbach, born 1946, no party affiliation, with higher education, sector head of museum of folk architecture


P.T. Vovchenko, born 1938, member CPSU, with mid-level education, brigadier at “Medapparatura” factory


On May 8th, 68,000 tickets were sold for railway transport. 10 additional trains were sent. 1,211 tickets were returned at the ticket windows.


Up to 300 people were at the bus station.


Lines at the ticket windows were reduced.


The situation on the premises of enterprises was normal.


The following are continuing to work on holidays: Artem, “Lenin Forge,” “Communist,” Petrovskii production units, and the Kiev Aviation Production Unit, KMZ, and individual workshops fulfilling orders for the Chernobyl atomic energy station.


The situation at decontamination points in Kiev is normal. According to the information available enterprises occupied with treating foodstuffs are not fully supplied with equipment for measuring radiation exposure.


There is no data about disinformation from Citizens’ Defense services or city sanitary epidemiological stations about indicators concerning the city of Kiev.


5 UVD [Administration of Internal Affairs] employees from Kiev Oblast were fired for refusal to travel from the offices of Internal Affairs to the place were an incident was taking place. 16 UVD employees from Kiev and 289 from Kiev Oblast were hospitalized. Overall 305 persons, of whom 20 were sent to Moscow.


There are 16 foreign correspondents in Kiev. Attempts by correspondents from England, France, and Switzerland to collect biased information at the Kiev railway station were thwarted by use of a special KGB Administration undercover squadron with a neutral position, who got the foreigners to follow them.


On the 8th of May the situation among those studying abroad was completely normal, and learning process is being conducted according to schedule. In connection with a large number of telegrams being received from abroad and from embassies, a number of groups of foreigners / Lebanon, Syria, and others / sent official answers to their homeland about the inconsistency of rumors spread in the West searching for the actual situation in Kiev and Kiev Oblast. Information was also received from the embassy of Bolivia. The embassy of Kenya is taking note of pressure on foreign students, and attempts to induce them to leave Kiev.


On the 8th of May an employee of the Embassy of Mauritius called the reception desk of the CK [Central Committee] of the Community Party of Ukraine, and expressed bewilderment because of a refusal to approve documents for a student to return to his home country. The student’s name is Jean Pierre Conrad, he is studying Foundational Studies at Kiev State University, and he arrived in 1985.


An examination has established that the foreigner contacted the dean on the 4th of May about leaving for his home country, however after a conversation was conducted he declined to leave. He did not express any complaints. The education institution is positively characterizing the blocking of his departure by saying it is an initiative of the Embassy. This information has been given to the 3rd department of the 5th Administration of the Ukr. SSR KGB.


A graduate student of the physical fitness institute, Sta Mohammed, born in 1959 / Tunis /,who returned from Italy on May 4th of this year, spread conjectures about an accident at the Chernobyl atomic energy station and recommended to leave the USSR in short order. [Handwritten: “He was stopped through covert agents and the administration of the higher education institution.”]


Overall in Kiev there are 8,968 foreigners / 3,726 from Socialist countires, 5,242 from capitalist countries /. 307 persons did not return after the May holidays, including 127 from Socialist countries. 48 persons left Kiev after the accident / 6 from France, 23 from Finland, 8 from FRG, 5 from SFRY /. 7 persons are in Moscow because they have been called there by their embassies.


On the 8th of May a telephone call was placed from Japanese television to Kiev State University, and Japanese employees expressed sympathies because of the accident, and were interested in the situation in Kiev. The foreigners received an answer that the situation corresponds with information published in the press.


From agent “Said,” information was obtained that a citizen of the PPR [Polish People’s Republic] working on the construction of the “Rus’” hotel is spreading panicked rumors among her fellow citizens. The information was brought to the attention of Pototskii, a Security Officer of the PPR Ministry of Internal Affairs, who made the decision to send Ela Tomasina out of the USSR.


The situation among operative categories is being overseen.



Two weeks after the accident, an unnamed KGB officer from the Ukrainian SSR reports on the situation in evacuation sites, the sentiment of local people, the situation in transportation hubs and at key industrial facilities in Kyiv, as well as about the measures taken to prevent foreign journalists from gathering information about the case.

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