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August 22, 1945

Order by Aleksandr Vasilevsky to Nikolai Kuznetsov and Ivan Yumashev



Personally: Admiral of the Fleet Cde. Kuznetsov


Admiral Cde. Yumashev


The Supreme Commander ordered:


1. Without his permission do not undertake any naval operations to capture the ports of Port Arthur [Lüshun] and Dal’nii [Dalian] and do not send ships there. The said ports will be captured by our troops from air and land on 23 August 1945.


2. Pay maximum attention to serious strengthening both with military ships and with the air force of the fleet of the region of Kamchatka in order to more quickly clear from the Japanese the islands of Simusyu [Shumshu], Paramusir [Paramushir], and Araito [Atlasova], and in the future firmly secure possession of them, because for us the Kurile straits near Kamchatka are the main exit to the ocean. I am taking urgent measures in order to strengthen this section of the Front with land forces and the air force. Please, no later than 24 hours on August 22, inform me of your considerations for reporting to the Supreme Commander on this question.


3. It is necessary to refrain from the operation to land our forces from the island of Sakhalin onto the island of Hokkaido until special instructions from the Headquarters. Transfer of the 87th rifle corps to Sakhalin Island is to be continued.


4. In connection with the Mikado’s statement about readiness to capitulate on the Kurile Islands, I ask to think through the question of the possibility of transporting the head division of the 87th rifle corps from Sakhalin Island to the Southern Kurile Islands (Kunashiri and Iturup), bypassing the island of Hokkaido. Report to me your considerations on this question no later than the morning of 23.8.45.



Outgoing No. 677 15.00 22.8.45

Delivered 10.00 22.8.45


Orders for preparations for a planned invasion of the Japanese island of Hokkaido and the southern Kurile Islands. Operations are not to begin "until special instructions from the Headquarters."

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Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Dmitriĭ Antonovich Volkogonov papers, 1887-1995, mm97083838, Reel 5, containers 7 through 9. Also published in V.P. Galitskii, V.P. Zimonin, “Desant na Khokkaido Otmenit’,” Voenno-Istoricheskii Zhurnal, No. 3 (1994), p. 9. Translated by Sergey Radchenko.

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