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March 1, 1989

Outgoing Cipher Telegram No. 3441 from the KGB of the Lithuanian SSR to Deputy Chief of the Service “A” PGU KGB Colonel Comrade Sotskov M. A., 'On Conducting Joint Active and Counterpropaganda Measures'

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Notebook No. 274 04                                                                                          



                                          The KGB of the Lithuanian SSR




From: The KGB of the Lithuanian SSR

To: Deputy Chief of the Service “A” PGU KGB Colonel Comrade Sotskov M. A.


On Conducting Joint Active and Counterpropaganda Measures


In accordance with the verbal agreement with the officer of your Service, Comrade Derevenskov G. G., we are informing you about our planned measures called for by the increasing tensions in the internal political situation in the Lithuanian SSR which we intend to implement with your collaboration during the current year, specifically:


- Publishing in English, Russian, and Lithuanian the book by Yakaitis On the Path of Treason (exposes the enemy activities of the so-called Supreme Committee for the Liberation of Lithuania (VLIK) and its leaders during the years of Hitler’s occupation and later against the people of Lithuania) with the goal of distributing it abroad and in the republic;


- Publishing in the republic’s and federal press the materials about the fascist coup in Lithuania in 1926, revealing the true character of the bourgeois leaders, their orientation on Germany. The materials are to be presented in the third person under the title Notes of a Czech Diplomat, [and] also include the content on the flirtation of the leaders of Smetona’s Lithuania with Hitler’s Germany from 1933 until 1940;


- Preparing and publishing a series of articles under the provisional title It’s High Time to Know the Truth about the inspiration of political banditism and armed struggle of the bourgeois nationalists on the territory of Lithuania in 1944 and 1945 by the intelligence services of Hitler’s Germany;


- [Publishing] the materials about the role of the Communist Party of Lithuania in the struggle of the workers for their rights [and] about the size of the revolutionary movement in the bourgeois republic in the 1920s and the 1930s;


- Obtaining information about the subversive and inflammatory activities of the radio stations Radio Free Europe and Voice of America which we can use as active measures, [we plan to] make a recruitment pitch to the object RADIST;


- Using the materials obtained from our source abroad KLUGER in order to deepen the existing contradictions between the European Parliament and the reactionary Baltic émigré organizations (the VLIK, the World Baltic Council, and others) on the question of the legitimacy of the incorporation of the Baltic republics into the USSR. To work this out in connection with the preparation for the passing of the European Parliament’s resolution on the so-called Baltic Question;


- Using the capabilities of our sources aboard in order to deepen the discord between the main émigré centers involving the manner of their contacts with the informal [dissident] movements in Lithuania.



Chief of the 1st Department of the KGB of the Lithuanian SSR

Colonel Karinauskas V. L. [signed]


No. 196    1 March 1989



1st Department Encrypted 18:33 [time]

[Signed by the cipher clerk]


Karinauskas dispatched top-secret cipher telegram No. 3441 to the deputy chief of the Service A, Colonel M. A. Sotskov [Lev F. Sotskov], informing him of the measures the Lithuanian KGB planned to implement to tarnish the cause of Lithuanian independence


Document Information


Lithuanian Special Archives, f. k-35, ap. 2, b. 300, l. 55-57. Published online by the Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania, Translated by Filip Kovacevic.


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