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January 17, 1962

Polish Embassy, Rio de Janeiro (Chabasinski), to Polish Foreign Ministry

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Ciphergram No. 728


From: Rio de Janeiro dispatched on 01.17.1962 at 17:00 and received on 01.18.1962 at 01:50

Came to the Decoding Department on 01.18.1962 at 02:00

To:  [Foreign Ministry Director Aleksander] KRAJEWSKI

From: [Ambassador Wojciech ] CHABASINSKI[1]


[Below is the content of my] conversation with the US Ambassador [Lincoln] Gordon regarding the ministers’ conference:


  1. We [the United States] must somehow please the public regarding the issue of Cuba and we cannot allow for the “Alliance for Progress” to come to nothing.
  2. We want to work out a formula according to which Cuba would not be able to spread its revolution, but which will allow us to “keep [our] doors open” [to Cuba].
  3. We [the United States] cannot approve a resolution that either Brazil or Mexico would not support and that would confirm an open disintegration of the Pan-American system.
  4. We do not exclude the possibility that the Brazilian conference could constitute the basis for discussion.


Decoded on 01.18 at 11:00 by Szczesniak, checked by Strzelecki


[1] Poland’s envoy to Brazil from 1956-61 and Poland’s ambassador to Brazil from 1961-65.

Telegram describing conversation between Ambassador Chabasinski and US Ambassador Gordan regarding the United States' relations with Cuba.


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Polish Foreign Ministry archives (AMSZ), Warsaw; obtained by James Hershberg, translated by Malgorzata Gnoinska


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