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February 27, 1962

Polish Embassy, Rio de Janeiro (Chabasinski), to Polish Foreign Ministry

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Ciphergram No. 2751

From: Rio de Janeiro dispatched on 02.27.1962 at 20:00 and received on 02.28.1962 at 07:10

Came to the Decoding Department on 02.28.1962 at 7:15

To:  [Foreign Minister Adam] RAPACKI

From: [Ambassador Wojciech] CHABASINSKI[1]


Today I was received by [Foreign Minister Francisco Clementino San Tiago] Dantas in the presence of their new ambassador [to Poland?].  

  1. According to your instructions in dispatch no. 2174, I extended an invitation to him that he was pleased to receive. He wishes to visit us from Geneva. He needs to accompany [President] Goulart to Washington on April 2nd. In a few days he will let me know the dates and how long he will be there and then we will agree upon a mutual communiqué.
  2. According to your dispatch no. 2044, I highlighted our position regarding the issue of disarmament. He reminded me that their position on the issue has been generally delineated in the pronouncements of [Brazilian Ambassador Afonso] Arinos at the U.N. session and in the reply to Khrushchev’s letter.
  3. I relayed the note about [Jerzy] Michalowski’s candidacy [for a Polish ambassador to Brazil?]. He promised to consider it. The name Michalowski was known to him.
  4. I brought up the issue of bilateral trade, something he would like to talk about when he visits Poland.
  5. He strongly stressed that the aim of the government is to expand relations with Poland in all areas. He very warmly recommended their new ambassador [to Poland], by especially emphasizing his superb knowledge of the intentions of the government and as someone who holds an excellent position in the Itamarati.

Decoded on 02.28.1962 at 08:50 by Pospychala, checked by Patrycy

[1] Poland’s envoy to Brazil from 1956-61 and Poland’s ambassador to Brazil from 1961-65.

Telegram describing Ambassador Chabasinski's meeting with Brazilian Foreign Minister Francisco Clementino San Tiago Dantas regarding the new Brazilian ambassador to Poland and mutual interests between the two countries.

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Polish Foreign Ministry archives (AMSZ), Warsaw; obtained by James Hershberg, translated by Malgorzata Gnoinska


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