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January 18, 1967

Polish-Soviet Talks in Lansk: January 18, 1967

Polish-Soviet Talks in Lansk
January 18, 1967


[Excerpts regarding China]

Brezhnev: … We don't have to hurry with convening the [communist parties'] conference. We will wait and see how the war in Vietnam develops. The situation in China should also crystallize itself with time. One should say that the process which is currently taking place in the world communist movement is not bad at all. Three months, which went by since the moment of the conference proposition, gave quite good results. 65 parties have already expressed their opinion in favor of the conference.

Gomulka: …We were wondering whether you intended to use the 50th anniversary [of the October Revolution] for the convening the conference. We were afraid that some of the parties would not attend.

Brezhnev: If the 50th anniversary takes place without the conference, then the Vietnamese and Koreans could come. We can work with them. They show some sympathy toward the USSR. But, we need time to be convinced about that. Now, Kim Il Sung is sending his delegation. Besides, much can change in China if Liu's [Liu Shaoqi's] line wins. We need time. The issue of the European conference is less complicated, but also required efforts.

Gomulka: It is very important that we prepare documents. The point is to concretely talk with delegations regarding their participation in the conference.

Podgorny: Many parties are interested in what will be discussed at the conference.

Gomulka: Of course, many parties are interested in the issue of the attitude toward China.

Podgorny: The Chinese keep silent, but they will also give their opinions.

Brezhnev: During the conversation, Kim Il Sung told us that the Chinese could convene a conference of their own factional groups. Then, he said, we won't go to their conference either.

Gomulka: …I think that if the Chinese wanted to convene such a conference, they would have done it a long time ago.

Gomulka, Podgorny and Brezhnev discuss an upcoming conference of communist parties. Central to the discussion is the attitude of the Chinese.

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Andrzej Paczkowski, ed. Tajne Dokumenty Biura Politycznego PRL-ZSRR, 1956-1970. London: Aneks Publishers, 1996. Translated for CWIHP by Malgorzata K. Gnoinska


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