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March 19, 1935

Politburo Decision of 19 March 1935 concerning Xinjiang

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[handwritten note at the top of the page:

from Minutes N 23 of the Politburo meetings for April 1935

Point 137 - in classified storage


by a survey of Politburo members]

19 March 1935

137. Concerning Xinjiang


Assign the following comrades to Xinjiang for work:


a) from Eastern Siberia - Zhang Yifeng (Kashen), Zheng Yu (Kristall), Tat'yana Kaspina, Zheng Yijun (Aleyev); and Zhao Yongrong (Lutskaya);


b) from Central Asia - Abdulla Siradzhetdinov, Said Khodzhiyev Aminov (Karim Aminov), Mashur Ruztsov, Akhmed Rakhimov (Kabulov), Yusup Ibragimovich (Anvarov) (Yusup Ibragimov).


Excerpts have been sent (to):


Cdes. Yagoda, Agranov, Litvinov, Krestinsky, and Andreyev


The Politburo transfers NKVD members currently working in Eastern Siberia and Central Asia to Xinjiang.

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RGASPI F.17 Op.162 D. 17, L. 151. Obtained by Jamil Hasanli and translated by Gary Goldberg.


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