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June 6, 1975

Political Report on the Month of May,1975, Meeting between US President Ford and New Zealand Prime Minister Rowling

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No. WEL/101/1/75

Title: Political Report on the Month of May, 1975


June 6, 1975


…Mr. Rowling had meetings in Washington, on May 7, with the US President, Mr. Ford, and Dr. Kissinger. At a news conference later, he said that President Ford had taken a strong outward looking stance on future relations between the USA and nations of the South Pacific and S.E. Asia, which New Zealand welcomed. Mr. Rowling added that he had stressed the need for America’s presence to be an economic one, and not just military. He also stated that he had promised to keep President Ford informed about the views expressed by the Pacific leaders at the next Pacific Forum meeting in June, on New Zealand’s proposal for a nuclear-free Pacific zone. There was, however, no indication from either side whether American vessels carrying nuclear weapons would be henceforth visiting New Zealand ports.


7. At the annual conference of the Institute of International Affairs held in Wellington on May 17, 1975, Prime Minister Rowling said that he had been reassured by the depth of feeling expressed by Commonwealth leaders at the recent Commonwealth Prime Minister’s conference at Jamaica towards New Zealand’s call for a Pacific nuclear-free zone. “The response, said the Prime Minister, “encouraged me to believe that the NZ Government is right to pursue this policy.”


The US and New Zealand will maintain amicable relations and cooperate for a Pacific nuclear-free zone


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File No. F.NO.HI/1012(85)/75. Political Reports etc. (Other than annual reports from Wellington). Obtained by Ryan Musto.

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