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April 2, 1946

Protocol No. 18 of a Meeting of the Special Committee under the Council of Ministers of the USSR (Excerpt)

Moscow, Kremlin 2 April 1946
Top secret
Special dossier

Members of the Special Committee: Coms. Beria L.P., Malenkov G.M., Voznesenskii N.A., Vannikov B.L., Zavenyagin A.P., Kurchatov I.V., Makhnev V.A., Pervukhin M.G.


V. On sending a geological prospecting party to North Korea

Turn over to comrade Mikoyan for his resolution the question of sending to North Korea a geological prospecting party from the Ministry of Non-ferrous Metallurgy and the Geological Committee under the Council of Ministers of the USSR for prospecting beryllium.


Special dossier containing a resolution to send a Soviet geological prospecting party to survey North Korea for beryllium.

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APRF, Fond 93, delo 2/46, listy 62-65. Reprinted in L.D. Ryabev, Atomnyi Proekt SSSR: dokumenty i materialy, vol. 2, book 1 (Moscow-Sarov: Nauka Fizmatlit-VNIIEF, 1999), pp. 88-89. Translated by Sergey Radchenko.


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