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August 26, 1958

Record of a Conversation with Ambassador of the Mongolian People's Republic in the DPRK Cde. Nudenkhugiin Yadamjav

This document was made possible with support from ROK Ministry of Unification

from the journal of [faded USSR MFA       SECRET

V. I. PELISHENKO stamp:…2313s   Copy Nº 1

2 September 1958]


Nº 180

2 September 1958



to Nikitin

I have been shown [[this]]

Torbenkov [[date mostly

off the page]



with Ambassador of the Mongolian People's Republic



 26 August 1958


I received Ambassador Cde. Yadamjav at his request. The Ambassador provided information about the results of the work of the Mongolian trade delegation and the signing in Pyongyang of a Mongolian-Korean protocol about trade turnover for 1959.


In 1959 the MNR will deliver to the DPRK: 130 tons of butter (50 tons in 1958); 50 tons of wool (25 tons in 1958); 5,000 hides (there were no deliveries in 1958), and also some other goods.


In 1959 the DPRK will deliver to the MNR: 300,000 meters of silk; 100 tons of calcium carbide; 50 tons of sodium bicarbonate; 200 kg of ginseng, and some other goods. Each side will deliver a total of one million rubles worth of goods (for 1958 the deliveries of each side are set at a total of 1,200,000 rubles). The Ambassador said that possibly this amount of deliveries (one million rubles) will rise in connection with the Korean comrades' request about deliveries of several wool and felt items from the MNR. This issue has not yet been decided.


Then the Ambassador reported that he had received information from Ulan Bator that the government of the Mongolian People's Republic does not intend to address a request to the 13th UN General Assembly session about admission of the MNR to the United Nations.


[Handwriting in the left margin:

"to Cde. Torbenkov" followed by

illegible initials]


However, the MNR government hopes that in a suitable situation the fraternal countries will make the necessary steps in connection with the issue of admitting the MNR to the United Nations.


SOVIET chargé d'affaires

IN the dprk


(V. Pelishenko)


Three copies printed

1 - Cde. M. V. Zimyanin

2 - Cde. I. I. Tugarinov

3 - to file

Nº 409 2 September 1958

Drafted by Pelishenko

Typed by Akulicheva


Yadamjav informs Pelishenko about Mongolian-North Korean trade relations and Mongolia's status at the United Nations.

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AVPRF fond 0102, opis 14, delo 3, p. Translated for NKIDP by Gary Goldberg.


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