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October 8, 1991

Record of Conversation between G.F. Kunadze and Yu Hongliang

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Ministry of foreign affairs

of the RSFSR


2045 11 October 1991


From the diary of Kunadze G.F.



With the Ambassador of the PRC in the USSR Yu Hongliang


October 8, 1991


Received the Ambassador of the PRC in the USSR Yu Hongliang on his request in connection with his forthcoming final departure for the homeland.





Assuming the common interest of our countries in the quickest attainment of stability on the Korean peninsula and in the peaceful unification of Korea, [I] called upon the Chinese side to exert influence on the government of the DPRK with the aim of changing its approach to the question of concluding the safeguards agreement with the I[nternational] A[tomic] E[nergy] A[gency], without linking this question to the problem of the American nuclear presence in the South of the country.




The Ambassador noted that, on the question about the DPRK position on the agreement with the IAEA, the approaches of our countries coincide. China also stands for stability on the peninsula and for the unification of the country by means of a peaceful dialogue [and] for the prohibition and elimination of all nuclear weapons.




Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

of the RSFSR [signature] G. Kunadze


G.F. Kunadze asks that China to "exert influence" on North Korea and have it conclude a safeguards agreement with the IAEA.

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State Archive of the Russian Federation (GARF) fond 10026, opis 1, delo 2290, listy 36-38. Obtained and translated by Sergey Radchenko.


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