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November 29, 1955

Record of Conversation between N. S. Khrushchev AND A. I. Mikoyan with Prime Minister and Chairman of the Norwegian Labor Party E. Gerhardsen on 15 November 1955

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Secret. Copy #2

29 November 1955

No. 2338/3sk.




Prime Minister and Chairman of the Norwegian Labor Party E. GERHARDSEN

15 November 1955


KHRUSHCHEV says that in connection with the exchange of opinions that took place earlier and concerned the question of arranging contact between the CPSU and the Norwegian Labor Party, our side has prepared a preliminary draft document regarding such contact, and we would like to give it to Gerhardsen for examination. Khrushchev emphasizes that it is just a preliminary draft, containing the objectives of the Soviet side, and that we are ready to listen to any comments and suggestions for changes that would be required by the Norwegians.


Our draft concerns some questions of first priority, related to the establishment of contact between the two parties.


GERHARDSEN promises to acquaint himself with the documents and to convey his opinion regarding its content in the evening; talks about the fact that, on his part, he has also thought about the forms of contact that could be established between the CPSU and the Norwegian Labor Party, and upon his return to Norway, he intends to raise the question of issuing an invitation to a CPSU delegation before the leadership of his party. Later, it can be determined what questions should be jointly discussed by way of a free exchange of opinions. Probably, these will be questions related to the economy, culture, as well as various political problems. The main goal of such a conversation would be to get to know each other better.


KHRUSHCHEV responds that Gerhardsen's considerations are quite acceptable. Remarks that there will be an opportunity in the evening to once more return to these matters. Further, Khrushchev says that he would like to touch upon one more question, which, however, does not require a quick response. The matter concerns the desire on our part for further rapprochement and establishment of closer and more cordial relations with Norway, the Norwegian people, and their leaders. We would welcome, if Prime Minister Gerhardsen or someone from among his friends and colleagues in the leadership of the Norwegian Labor Party or the Norwegian government would find a chance to spend his vacation in the Soviet Union, in the South, for example. We would be happy to welcome you as our dear friends, and we invite you to arrive with wives and children. Norwegian guests, if they wish to come, will be guaranteed a quiet respite, without any official ceremonies. To emphasize that our proposal will in no way damage the equality of our relations, we on our part would also be ready to come for the purpose of vacation to Norway, which is famous for the beauty of its nature. Khrushchev adds that the invitation to come to the USSR for a vacation applies to Gerhardsen and his family, Skaug with family, and all their colleagues in the government and the leadership of the Norwegian Labor Party.


GERHARDSEN expresses heartfelt gratitude for the invitation and says that it represents a great interest to him. He is not sure whether he will be able to use this opportunity this coming summer, since he does not know how much work he will have. In any case, the desire to accept the invitation is very great.


SKAUG also expresses gratitude for the invitation.


GERHARDSEN adds that a trip to Norway may also be of rather significant interest to the Soviet leaders.


KHRUSHCHEV says that they are aware of the beauty of the Norwegian nature, that Norway is a beautiful country for tourism, and the Soviet people highly respect and appreciate their Norwegian neighbors.


Present at the discussion, from the Norwegian side: Gerhardsen, Skaug, Ekeland and interpreter Krane. From the Soviet side: coms. N. S. Khrushchev, A. I. Mikoyan.


The discussion was recorded by A. Aleksandrov.


[signature] 15.XI.55

Khrushchev presents a draft agreement for maintaining contact with the Norwegian Labor Party and invites Gerhardsen and Skaug to visit the Soviet Union.

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AVPRF, fond 0116, opis 44, papka 179, delo 11, listy 108-110; translation for CWIHP by Margarita Malkina.


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