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July 12, 1945

Record of a Meeting Between T.V. Soong and Stalin

This document was made possible with support from Chun & Jane Chiu Family Foundation

12 July 1945, 12:00 - 12:45 a.m.



Soong: Last night when I returned I received along telegram from Chiang. Of course it was not reply to my telegram of yesterday. But contained several points. Afraid hardly satisfactory to Stalin.


I. Railways. Chiang's idea, Chairman should be Chinese. No casting vote. Only courtesy to China. Chinese chairmanship.


Manager. Russian Manager for Chinese Eastern Railway, Chinese Assistant. South Manchurian Railway: Chinese Manager, Soviet Assistant Manager. Chiang agrees to 30 years.


Generally agrees along lines agreed upon by us.


II. Dairen. Free port under Chinese administration with Soviet technical experts. Certain warehouses and storages on long lease to Soviets as commercial lease for thirty years. That will give Soviet control over its efficiency.


III. Port Arthur. During period of alliance used jointly by Chinese and Soviet as to military control. China would "entrust it" to Soviet so as to avoid term lease.


Civil administration should be Chinese. For joint use by China and Soviet Union Chiang proposes establish Sino-Soviet military commission to arrange for joint use. This is only presentation, frankly. Area of Port Arthur does not include Dairen or railway running to Dairen to make Dairen entire free port with free access to land.


Civilian administrators: there was a sentence in Soviet draft: men appointed only on agreement of soviet command. Because sovereignty of China is concerned Chiang finds difficult to agree.


Since Dairen - Port Arthur railway for 30 years Chiang proposes alliance also 30 years.

I came today as we have agreed on a number of points:


1) Outer Mongolia

2) Treaty of alliance

3) Chinese representative with Soviet army

4) Views of Stalin on Chiang problems (sin-kiang, internal problems: communist, no question. Stalin wants China's absolute sovereignty in Manchuria)

5) Railways: only question of management left

6) Dairen: question of administration

7) Port Arthur: question of area


These questions I telegraphed early this morning. But at the same time I received this one, so Chiang views cannot be very much different. I therefore want make suggestion. Best way to make quick trip home with Ambassador Petrov. Two days flying. Want present all facts to Chiang and have one or two personal talks to present entire picture. Realize Stalin anxious has settlement before Berlin but when he arrives in Berlin I'll be in Chungking with help of Petrov can communicate easily...


Molotov: This is not convenient.


Stalin: Good.


Soong: Could appoint someone to narrow down controversial points.


Stalin: Accept thirty years for treaty, rest not acceptable. What can people with less authority settle?


Soong: Not controversial matter but points already settled.


Stalin: You are anxious avoid impression of break in negotiation.


Soong: Yes.


Stalin: It is possible.


Soong: Ask Vice-Minister and Ambassador Fu to remain.


Molotov: We will also appoint.


Stalin: When do you leave?


Soong: As soon as possible since you want reply as soon as possible.


Molotov: How about a communique.


Soong: Yes.


Stalin: On general lines.


Molotov: When will you come back?


Soong: Before you return to Berlin.


(Lossovski shows map)


Stalin: Miao dow li dow (?) [sic] islands to be neutralized. They belong to neutral zone.


Molotov: Make protocol – suggests draft.


(Pavlov translates)


Soong: Leave morning 14th. How long do you remain in Berlin?


Stalin: Not later than end of July. 8-11 days usually. We will let you know when we come back to Moscow.


Stalin: Don’t publish anything in press – our press will remain silent. We know SUNFO communicates everything to representative of YENAN contents of your telegrams. Very bad.


Soong: I can assure my people will be silent. I will speak only to Chiang.


Stalin: Nothing should leak out from Chinese government.


Soong: We will see to that.


Stalin: Our press will be silent.


Soong: Special effort that everybody remains silent including our press.


Stalin: What will contain communique?


Molotov: Conversations, improvement of relations, negotiations will continue, mutual understanding and friendship.


Soong: Is it O.K. if Chinese press says that V. Hoo and Liu remain?


Stalin: Yes, if it is convenient for you.


Soong: We have general understanding of what each press has to do.


Molotov: Still something remains to do.


Soong: Sorry, difficult to express in telegrams.


Stalin: Suggest a formula: the negotiations in view of the departure of Stalin and Molotov have to be postponed.


Soong: Fine. Could Petrov go with me?


Stalin: Yes.


Soong: Thanks for absolute frankness. Leave with impression Stalin is most sincere in desiring to be in friendly relations with National Government for which he and Chiang are very grateful.


Stalin: I also thank you for your sincerity and for sentiments you just expressed. Our people in Russia do not want break up China as formerly between Russia and China. Want China prospering and powerful State. Not all Chinese believe in what I say. Time will come when they see facts and will believe.


Soong: I believe.


Stalin and T.V. Soong review outstanding issues affecting Sino-Soviet relations in 1945.

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