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May 14, 1987

Relations of the Chinese Communist Party to Some Fraternal Communist Countries

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Relations of the Chinese Communist Party to some fraternal communist parties


On the eve before Zhivkov's and Strougal's visit to China on 24-29 April 1987, China seized the opportunity to use some of the facts in the history of the international communist movement to disclose an evaluation of party to party relations. Representatives of Chinese diplomacy in Western Europe purposefully stress that "leading circles of the CCP" do agree with the activities conducted by Dimitrov, the General Secretary of Comintern, because he has "adhered to the principles of equality between individual communist parties, non-interference into domestic affairs, and respect for national characteristics". This is what party to party relations between communist parties in socialist countries should be based on.


Following Gorbachev's visit to Czechoslovakia, Xinhua news agency published six articles, mainly negative in content, on Czechoslovakia in their bulletin circulated to the party and state leadership. The articles commented on the events in Czechoslovakia in 1968, stressed the intervention by Soviet tanks and by Warsaw Pact troops and the "sins committed against the people of Czechoslovakia". Mention is made of conflicts among the leaders of Czechoslovakia. The above mentioned articles have been written by the department head for "Eastern European socialist countries" of the Institute for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe of the People's University of Beijing. The bulletin usually relies on articles published in the international press, it happens extremely rarely that articles, like the ones on Czechoslovakia, are published.


14 May 1987


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The Hungarians evaluate China's relations with Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia.


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Historical Archives of the Hungarian State Security (ÁBTL), 1. 11. 4. S-II/2/87. p. 105. Obtained by Péter Vámos and translated by Katalin Varga.


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