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June 28, 1965

Report about Information on North Korea from 24 June 1965

This document was made possible with support from ROK Ministry of Unification

SED Central Committee

Department of International Relations

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GDR Embassy in DPRK

Pyongyang, 28 June 1965







R e p o r t

about an Information from 24 June 1965



The embassy was informed about the following:


  1. 2,00 Won are deducted from workers' wages:

a) 1,00 Won for the support of South Vietnam

b) 0,50 Won for the support of the revolutionary movement in South Korea

c) 0,50 Won for the support of those who were sent to the countryside to plant rice.

In addition, everybody is asked to donate one daily ration of rice to the rice planters.


  1. In [political] meetings one talks about rising living standards after the end of the Seven-Year-Plan. Then there will be plenty to eat.


  1. In the countryside vegetables are about 80 Dzon to 1,00 Won more expensive than in the capital.


  1. There is an increasing level of war psychosis among the people. For instance, one advises friends not to buy a table or a wardrobe since a war is imminent.


  1. A week ago, four men are said to be publicly executed in Nampo (in front of the population); three for theft and manslaughter, one for adultery and poisoning of his wife (it was said to be a forced marriage, and he had hoped to marry the love of his youth after poisoning his wife). Meanwhile the embassy received confirmation of this news also from another reliable source.


  1. The embassy was informed that the child of a GDR citizen in the Nampo primary school is called “Dogil saram” when the other children are angry with it.




Dr. Göthel





1x Central Committee, Department International Relations

1x 1st Extra-European Affairs Department (Foreign Ministry)/2

1x Embassy/Consular

Report about North Korean decrease of wages, supply of the North Korean people with comestible goods, death penalty in North Korea, and vituperations of GDR citizen's child by North Korean children.


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SAPMO. Translated for NKIDP by Bernd Schaefer.


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