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August 7, 1945

Report for Cde. I.V. Stalin and Cde. Molotov

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[to the] CC VKP(b)

7 August 1945

to Cde. I. V. STALIN


to Cde. MOLOTOV.


We report about the situation in Xinjiang and the operations of the rebels of the Ili [Yili] District as of 5 August.


1. On the 21st of July rebels of the Ili District composed of the 3rd Kensay [sic] Regiment and the 1st Mongolian Independent Cavalry Squadron with a total strength of 1,800 men began an attack in the Tarbaghatai [Tacheng] District of Xinjiang through the Dzungarian Gates in the direction of the city of Chuguchak [Tacheng].


On the 21st of July the rebels seized Mopan [sic] by picket and, developing the offensive, on 29 July seized the city and fortress of Dörbiljin [Emin] by storm, and on the 31st of July they seized the capital of Tarbaghatai District, the city of Chuguchak.


The operations of the 3rd Kensay Regiment and the 1st Mongolian Independent Cavalry Squadron were supported by detachments of rebels of the Tarbaghatai District.


On 31 July the garrison of the city of Chuguchak and the administration of Tarbaghatai District headed by the governor, PIN-YUIN [sic], took shelter from the rebels, and crossed into Soviet territory, where all who crossed were detained by Soviet border guards and interned.


Among those who crossed the border there turned out to be: 452 soldiers and officers of the 3rd and 7th Chinese Cavalry Regiments; 90 family members of the soldiers and officers; 414 officials and members of their families; and 457 civilians, predominantly Chinese. A total of 1,413 were interned, from whom were taken: 14 machine guns, 487 rifles, 43 revolvers, 65,000 rounds, eight automatic weapons, and 444 horses.


Scattered groups of the remnants of the Chinese troops from the region of Chuguchak and Dörbiljin withdrew to the northwest and southeast and are being pursued by the rebels.


2. After the rebels seized Mopan by picket the 1st Independent Mongolian Squadron received a mission to attack in the direction of the picket of Yamatu [sic]-Shikho [sic] to support the attack against Chuguchak of the main group of rebels. On the 28th of July the Chinese, having extracted up to 300 riders and infantry from Shikho on 12 vehicles, conducted an attack on Yamatu, having the goal with flanking actions in the flank and rear of the 3rd Kensay Regiment of disrupting its attack in the direction of Dörbiljin and Chuguchak. Having beaten back all the Chinese attacks on Yamatu, the 1st Independent Mongolian Squadron went over to the offensive and on the 3rd of August seized Sadzhak [sic] by picket.


3. The Chinese lost 239 killed, and 700 soldiers and officers captured in battles between 21 July and 3 August.


Rebels losses were 52 killed and 72 wounded.


Equipment captured by the rebels: 707 rifles, 17 machine guns, one mortar, 100,000 rounds, 68 trucks, two radios, 68.4 kg of gold nuggets, and several storehouses with various property.


4. At the end of June an uprising of Kazakhs which involved up to 2,000 families erupted in Manas [Manasi] County of Xinjiang. The Kazakhs who rebelled left for the mountains south of Manas and organized a rebel detachment numbering up to 800 men. A small group under the command of Warrant Officer Zatolokin, who also heads the Manas rebels, was sent to the aid of the Manas rebels. According to information at the end of July the rebels of Manas County are fighting Chinese troops in the region of the Purtangu [sic] Valley with varying success.


Considering the advantageous situation occupied by the rebels of Manas County, which threatens the communications of the Chinese [between] Urumqi and Shikho, the government of East Turkestan decided to support the uprising of the Manas Kazakhs, and with this goal in mind, on the 21st of July an independent cavalry squadron of 350 men was sent to the area of concentration of the Manas County rebels from the city of Nilka [Nileke] (Ili District).


The Manas rebels have been assigned the task of cutting the Urumqi-Shikho road and attacking in the direction of Shikho.


Attachment: a situation map.


Three copies [printed]

[1 -] to the addressee

[2 - ] to the NKVD Secretariat

[3 -] …ZNK

[Drafted by] Cde. Stakhanov

[Typed by] [P]olyakova



Stakhanov reports on developments in Xinjiang and the operations of the rebels of the Ili District from the end of July to the first week of August 1945, focusing on the rebels' seizure of Mopan, Dorbiljin, and Chuguchak; the detention of approximately 1000 Chinese citizens in Chuguchak; and an uprising by the Manas rebels.

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GARF, Fond R-9401ss, Opis' 2, Delo 98, ll. 49-51. Obtained by Jamil Hasanli and translated by Gary Goldberg.


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