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April 24, 1980

Report by the Chairman of the Delegation from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the People’s Republic of Poland, Comrade Boguslav Staruha during Soviet Bloc Meeting on Western Radio

24 April 1980


By the Chairman of the Delegation from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the People’s Republic of Poland, divisional general Comrade Boguslav Staruha


During the time that has passed since our last conference, the Bureau for State Security at the Ministry of Internal affairs of the Peoples Republic of Poland [PRL] has continued to study the trends of ideological sabotage, the enemy’s structure and methods for subversive work and [it has] uncovered the individuals on whom they rely. As the results from the study show, during the period that passed, the further institutionalization of the main centers for ideological activities in the capitalist country was carried out. The enemy gave up its attempts at masking sabotage actions on behalf of public institutions and organizations which supposedly were working outside the country and independently from it.


A characteristic example of this is the radio station Free Europe, which fairly recently demarcated itself from its dependence and ties with the American CIA, and under the title “Committee of Free Europe” proclaimed its feigned independence and autonomy. Now, as a result of its public exposure, it has been forced to admit that from the very beginning it was a unit of the CIA, and at this moment it is an official megaphone of the US government.


The tendencies in the enemy sabotage actions against the socialist countries, mentioned in the section of the preliminary notes, are obvious instruments of the politics of the capitalist countries. That is why the intelligence organs and the subversive ideological centers of the enemy, acting through the diplomatic representatives of the Western countries, journalists, and through individuals participating in international exchange, carry out the task of collecting information concerning the political, economic, and social situation in the Peoples Republic of Poland, with the goal of using it to program their sabotage activities, which are conducted in the following directions:


– attacking the internal situation in our country (using the resources of the radio stations RFE, BBC, the Voice of America, and Deutsche Welle), with the goal of undermining Polish society which is carrying out the program of the 8th party congress;

– indoctrination of the [Western] public via Western mass media resources, by promoting the thesis of the inferiority of the socialist system, its alleged economic crisis, the absence of democratic freedoms, totalitarianism, and so on;

– inspiration, organization, management and financial aid, as well as molding public opinion, with the goal of shielding hostile individuals and anti-socialist elements in our country from repression;

– creating all sorts of committees and institutions in the capitalist countries to sustain antisocialist activities in the PRL (The North American study of Polish issues, The European study of Polish issues, and others), using organizations that already exist (such as Amnesty International), as well as energizing the hostile activities of the Polish political emigration;

– exercising influence over the citizens of the PRL who are temporarily located in the West, with the goal of drawing them into hostile activities and enticing them into participating in anti-socialist actions, to perform the functions of couriers, and so on.


The centers for ideological actions launch attempts at subverting different socialist countries. With this they aim at the goal of creating more favorable conditions for establishing anti-socialist activities in these countries. The constant main direction of the hostile activities of the enemy is to undermine the leadership role of the Party, and our friendly union with the USSR.


The anti-Communist centers provide financial and technical help to anti-socialist groups. Last year we uncovered a transfer of financial resources from the West intended for stimulating anti-socialist activities in our country, for copying devices, as well as for hostile literature, including materials reissued by the West organized by the anti-socialist groups. Several couriers were found, among whom were a journalist from the French Trotskyist center RIES (December 1978), and the Swede Liakvist (February 1980). Their detention caused a wave of protest in the West against our country, as well as against the organs of our national security.


Further, we pinpointed facts about the use of PRL territory to carry out attempts to transfer anti-Communist materials and instructions into neighboring socialist countries, for example, by the earlier mentioned Liakvist to the Czechoslovak socialist republic and the USSR, [also] materials with religious and nationalist content. We informed the security organs of our fraternal countries about all of these instances.


In the statements by the Polish Interior Minister at the Bloc Meeting held on 23 April 1980 to discuss foreign “hostile actions,” including Western radio broadcasting, special attention is given to attempts to form a political opposition in the socialist countries.

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Bulgarian Interior Ministry Archive, Fond 22, Record 1, Document 124, Obtained by Jordan Baev. Translated by Sveta Milusheva.


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