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January 4, 1967

Report, Embassy of Hungary in Romania to the Hungarian Foreign Ministry

In the framework of its 10-year electrification plan, Romania set itself the task of constructing an electric power plant based on atomic energy by 1975. However, the talks that [Romania] had with the USSR and with various Western concerns on the purchase of a nuclear power plant have remained unsuccessful up to now. Last year the Romanian side declared that the prices included in the global tender made by the British Atomic Energy Authority were too high, the conditions offered regarding credit repayment (8 years) were disadvantageous, and the dispatch of a commission charged with supervising the operation of the power plant was unacceptable. […]


According to the information available to us, a Romanian delegation headed by Minister of Metallurgical Industry Ion Marinescu that visited Britain last May once again inquired about the possibilities of importing a nuclear power plant, and this time it asked for a detailed tender. In early November the Atomic Energy Authority sent a delegation of experts to Bucharest, which had talks on the delivery of a power plant [emphasis in the original] with Minister of Machine-building Industry Mihai Marinescu and with the members of a commission established for this purpose. As a result of the discussions, the complete tender of the concern arrived as early as November. According to the information available for us, the tender is about the delivery of two 550-megawatt [emphasis in the original] nuclear power plants. The delivery of the equipment, which is to be exported in the framework of a 10-year loan, would begin in the first half of 1968, and [the plant] would be opened at the end of 1973 [emphasis in the original]. […]
The Romanian side is expected to respond in a short time.

József Vince

Romania seeks to construct electric power plant, with aid of Great Britain, as part of a 10-year electrification plan.


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MOL, XIX-J-1-j Románia, 1967, 80. doboz, 128, 00822/1967. Obtained and translated for NKIDP by Balazs Szalontai


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