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March 10, 1938

Report on Imre Nagy’s Arrest by the NKVD (Commissariat of Internal Affairs)

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About the intelligence work of the agent of the 1st division of the 4th Department of the First Administration.



“Volodya” Nagy Vladimir Iosofovich, born in Hungary in 1896, by nationality Hungarian was excluded from the HCP (Hungarian Communist Party)  (Imre Nagy); the case under investigation at KPK and KPV has been in service since 1918, works as a non-salaried employee of the Hungarian journal “Uj Hang” [New Sound]. He was recruited on January 17, 1933.  He has cultivated mostly Hungarian political émigrés.


1. According to “Volodya’s” data, a group of 4 people was exposed and liquidated. MANUEL, BAROS, KRAMMER, and others who underwent the case of the “Incorrigibles.”


2. At the present time he is cultivating a counterrevolutionary group of Hungarians, composed of: VARGA E., GABOR F.I, SLOSSER K., BOLGAR E., VARGA S.E., GERREL, LUKACS and others who underwent the intelligence case of the “Restorers.”


In his work “Volodya” shows great interest and initiative, a qualified agent. Through “Volodya” the counterrevolutionary group the “Agrarians” was exposed and liquidated.


(Signed) MATUSOV,

Deputy Director of the 1st Dept, 4th Dept, 1st Administration, Captain of State Security




From the Deputy Director of the 4th Dept GUGB of the NKVD


to the Commissar of State Security 3 rank,

Comrade Karutskii




I report that on the night of the 4-5th of March of 1938 the agent of the second division “Volodya” Nagy, Vladimir Iosifovich was arrested by the 11th Dept of the UNKVD of the Moscow region.


“Volodya” was recruited on 17 January 1933 and during all that time gave valuable material about the anti-Soviet activities of a number of people from the Hungarian political émigré community.


Recently “Volodya” actively cultivated the fundamental objective of the intelligence case “The Incorrigibles” including: BAROS V., MANUEL S., MADZSAR, TEGDAS, and a number of others.


Volodya was recruited without a preliminary check in the 8th department of the GUGB, and remained under arrest for 4 days. When we asked on what grounds was “Volodya” arrested, they freed him on 8 March of this year.


I report this information by your orders.


Director of the 2nd Division of the 4th Department of the GUGB

Captain of State Security

Signed) ALTMAN

10 March 1938


Matusov and Altman report on Nagy's arrest on 4/5 March 1938 and subsequent release on 8 March, and describe some of his work.


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TsKhSD, F. 89, Per 45, Dok 80, 2


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