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September 19, 1963

Report from Ji Pengfei on Liu Shaoqi’s Conversation with Kim Il Sung

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Brief Report on the Meeting between Liu Shaoqi and Kim Il Sung (Three)


To the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Central Committee:


On the morning of 18 September [1963], the third meeting [between Liu Shaoqi and Kim Il Sung] was held and lasted three hours. Chairman Liu [Liu] emphasized the following two issues:


1. The reactionary theories and policies of modern revisionism are premised on nuclear superstition and nuclear blackmail. Chairman Liu expressed [that he was] prepared to discuss this issue at the mass meeting in the afternoon and asked the [North] Korean side for their views. Premier Kim expressed welcome and said that Chairman Liu’s discussion of this issue will hold significant meaning for the [North] Korean people, cadres, and military.


2. [The meeting] analyzed in detail the origins, nature, and future of Khrushchev’s revisionist bloc and pointed out that Khrushchev’s revisionist bloc was nurtured during the Stalin era. Stalin’s leadership was basically correct but there were some mistakes, [and] the mistakes were severe errors of principle. In this situation, Khrushchev was able to seize leadership of the party. Premier Kim said that the [North] Korean side has not yet studied the extent to which Stalin is responsible for the moral degeneration of Khrushchev’s revisionist bloc. He said we all learned communism and revolution while Stalin was still alive, however we only learned the positive side of Stalin and we have not studied Stalin’s shortcomings. One point can be certain: Stalin committed serious bureaucratic errors and departed from the people. Premier Kim said that he is in agreement with Chairman Liu and that it is currently not to our advantage to mention Stalin’s mistakes. It will only benefit Khrushchev’s opposition to Stalin. At the same time, an excessive amount of criticism against Stalin would destroy the model for other countries’ socialist development and would harm the international communist movement. Therefore the [North] Korean party does not mention Stalin’s mistakes. The two sides agreed to meet again and talk about internal issues within the two countries, [but] the specific time was not settled.


Ji Pengfei

19 September [1963]


A brief report on the meeting between Chairman Liushaoqi and Premier Kim Il Sung on reactionary theories and policies of modern revisionism.

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PRC FMA 203-00566-02, 141-142. Obtained by Shen Zhihua and translated by Jeffrey Wang and Charles Kraus.


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