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July 21, 1972

Report from Kádas István, 'Information from Ambassador Pak Gyeong-sun [Pak Kyong-sun]'

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Regional Division IV

Kádas István

Top secret!

Produced in 9 copies for:

- Comrade Puja

- Comrade Csatorday

- Comrade Marjai

- Comrade Nagy János

- Comrade Barity

- Comrade Dr. Uranovicz

- Comrade Szücs

- Pyongyang

- Department




Subject: Information from Ambassador Pak Gyeong-sun [Pak Kyong-sun]


On July 21 I received Pak Gyeong-sun, the DPRK's ambassador in Budapest. He talked about the following topics in accordance with orders from home.


1) On June 18 Algeria presented a memorandum to urge the UN to add the topic titled "Providing favorable conditions for accelerating the peaceful and independent unification of Korea" onto the temporary agenda of the General Assembly. The ambassador stated that they have managed to win the following countries for co-authorship of this topic: Yugoslavia, Guinea, Norway, South Yemen, North Yemen, Somalia, Mali, Congo (Br.), Sierra Leone, Mauritania, and Tanzania. They are also making efforts to persuade other countries like: Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Burundi, and Pakistan. The Embassy of the DPRK is asking the Hungarian People's Republic to also participate as co-author of this topic. The text of the new decree proposal will be handed over to our embassy in Pyongyang, and later its copy to Budapest too. The DPRK does not wish to pursue its former idea, which was presented by Comrade Ri Man-seok [Ri Man Sok] in Budapest stating that should the Korean debate fail at the General Assembly, they would take it to the Security Council.


2) The ambassador said that based on our suggestion regarding the visit of the DPRK's Supreme People's Assembly to the Netherlands, the DPRK's Supreme People's Assembly finished its letter. Once their embassy receives it, they will hand it over to our Foreign Affairs Ministry for forwarding it to the Netherlands.


The ambassador also asked us to give their sympathy to the leadership of the Foreign Affairs Ministry and to the family of Comrade Csatorday. The wished him good health and recovery as soon as possible.


Lastly, Comrade Pak Gyeong-sun stated that he is extremely satisfied with the events of the Korean solidarity month and expressed his thanks.


Budapest, 1972 July 21.


A report by Kadas Istvan on the conversation on submitting the Korean reunification issue to UN General Assembly and a visit made by a North Korean delegation to the Netherlands.

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MNL OL XIX-J-1-j É-Korea, 1972, 60. doboz, 81-146, 00394. Translated by Imre Majer.


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