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May 21, 1944

Report from Mikoyan to Stalin and Molotov regarding Lend-Lease shipments from the United States from 1 October 1941 to 1 May 1944


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To Comrade STALIN J.V.
To Comrade MOLOTOV V.M.

I am sending you information on deliveries to the Soviet Union of arms, industrial equipment, materials and food by the United States of America under the Law on the Transfer of Loans or Leases (under Lend-Lease); this information is intended for publication in the press.

It is obvious from this information that during the period of October 1, 1941, to May 1, 1944, the U.S.A., under Lend-Lease, Sent the Soviet Union arms, equipment, materials, and food totaling $5,357,300,000 and weighing 8,514,000 long tons, not including the weight of 92 delivered ships or the weight of 3333 airplanes, which arrived by air.

The shipment figures for worth and weight do not include:

--cargo from American steamers unloaded in England in 1942 and 1943, and transferred by the English and Americans, amounting to 115,000 tons
--cargo shipped from the U.S.A. in English deliveries 239,000 tons
--Canadian cargo shipped via ports in the U.S.A. 18,000 tons
--cargo we purchased in the U.S.A. for cash before the Lend-Lease Law 372,000 tons worth $105.3 million
--Red Cross cargo and gifts from various public organizations 25,500 tons worth $36.4 million

Of the total amount of cargo shipped by the U.S.A. under Lend-Lease as of May 1, 1944:

% of What Was Shipped----- -----Worth % of What Was Shipped

Arrived in the USSR-----7,410,600 t-----87.0-----$4.6116 billion-----86.1

In Iran-----166,700 t-----2.0-----$155.7 million-----2.9

En Route-----517,400 t-----6.1-----$288.8 million-----5.4

Sunken-----419,000 t-----4.9-----$297.5 million-----5.5

Losses of Airplanes in Flight-----28 Units ----- ---- -----$3.7 million-----0.1

In addition to the above data on cargo losses, 17,000 t of Canadian and English cargo sent to us under Lend-Lease and shipped from ports in the U.S.A. was sunk.

The losses at sea of Lend-Lease cargo are shown by year:

1942-----311,500 tons-----14.2% of cargo shipped

1943-----56,100 tons-----1.2% of cargo

1944-----51,400 tons-----3.2% of cargo (Jan -Apr.)

I am also enclosing more detailed information, which is not for publication; this information includes data on shipments of the most important types of arms, equipment, materials, and food, all delivered under Lend-Lease.

[signed] A. Mikoyan
Sent to:
Comrade Beria
Comrade Malenkov
Comrade Voroshilov
Comrade Voznesenskii

4-1/51 May 21,1944


Report from Mikoyan to Stalin and Molotov, 21 May 1944, on Lend-Lease shipments from the United States between 1 October 1941 and 1 May 1944.

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Library of Congress, Revelations from the Russian Archives, Document No. 288.


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