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June 1941

Report from the People’s Committee of Internal Affairs to the Central Committee of the Hungarian Communist Party, about Agent 'Volodya' (Imre Nagy)

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To the CC Hungarian Communist Party (HCP)

To Comrade Malenkov


Upon the inquiry of the Administration of Cadres of the CC of the (HCP) of 19 April  1940, No. 275/c we are sending reference material about Nagy Vladimir Iosifovich.


Enclosed: the abovementioned

Deputy of the People’s Committee of Internal Affairs of the USSR








about the agent of the 1st Division of the


3rd Administration of the NKGB USSR “Volodya”


____________________, born in 1896, in the town of Kaposvar (Hungary), Hungarian  by nationality, a citizen of the USSR, member of the HCP (b) since 1918.  At present he works in the All Union Radio Committee.  He was recruited as an agent in 1933.  In 1936 during the inspection of his party documents “Volodya” was expelled from the HCP, and in 1939 again readmitted. In readmitting him to the party by the Party Board KPK of the CC HCP, he was reprimanded for the fact that he did not get the Comintern’s consent for his wife’s trip to Hungary in 1935.


In the journal “Uj Hang” [New Sound] in Hungarian” No. 2  for the year 1939, “Volodya” in his article expressed doubt that the Hungarian proletariat at the present time was faithful to the socialist cause.


In 1937-1938 “Volodya” gave a number of materials about the anti-Soviet activities of FARKAS and VAGO. In subsequent materials about “Volodya” the following people were arrested and convicted: MANUEL, LUBARSZKII, DUBROVSZKII, BARON, KRAMER, and MADZSAR.


“Volodya” also informed us about the anti-Soviet activities of the people presently arrested:  STEINBERG, STUKKE, SUGAR, POLLACSEK, KARISKAS, FRIEDMAN.


At present “Volodya” is cultivating a group of anti-Soviet-minded former Hungarian political emigres.


Director of the 1st Division of the 3rd Administration of the USSR First Lieutenant of State Security

(Signed) Sverdlov


“  “ June 1941 [day of the month left blank]

Sverdlov provides a brief overview of agent "Volodya" (Imre Nagy) and his work.


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TsKhSD, F 89, Per. 45, Dok 81


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