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September 21, 1962

Report from Prague, 'Subject: Artillery, Anti-Aircraft Artillery and Missile Emplacements'

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S-Nr. 933 290

Date: 21.09.1962

Country:  Cuba  / SU [Soviet Union]

Subject: Artillery, Anti-Aircraft Artillery and Missile Emplacement

Date of declaration:  End of August 1962 Kind of Report: EB

Conclusiveness: B-3




Report from Prague


1. In the province of Oriente in Cuba artillery and anti-aircraft artillery batteries with Soviet training personnel are in position.


2. Rocket [Raketen] launch bases will be operational in Cuba by the end of November.


German Federal Intelligence (BND) report on anti-aircraft artillery and missile bases in Cuba.


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Bodo Hechelhammer, "Der Bundesnachrichtendienst und die Kuba-Krise" in MFGBND (2012), Nr. 3 (2. Auflage), 112-113.


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