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December 19, 1979

Report Submitted by General Wang Sheng (Director of the General Political Warfare Department, Ministry of National Defense, Taiwan) to President Chiang Ching-kuo regarding General Wang’s Visit to the Philippines

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19 December 1979


I met with [the Philippines’] Speaker of the House of Representatives and Vice President Querube Makalintal at 10 am. We exchanged ideas for strengthening substantial civilian relations between China [Taiwan] and the Philippines. Makalintal had visited Taiwan as a special envoy to attend the funeral of the late president Chiang Kai-shek in April 1975, and knew our national situation very much. He expressed his intention to visit Taiwan again in a personal capacity in the future. He also said he had personal attended the national day celebration of the Republic of China hosted by local Chinese community almost every year.


The Filipino Minister of National Defense Juan Ponce Enrile banqueted me at his residence at 7:30 p.m. For three hours we discussed communism, the communist system, conspiracy, and tactics, and exchanged ideas and experience on anticommunism and annihilating communism. Enrile expressed intense dissatisfaction for US interference into the domestic affairs of other countries, and advocated self-sufficiency and self-strength. He stressed that although there was no diplomatic relationship between Taipei and Manila, the Filipino military segments absolutely support and sympathize with Taiwan and local pro-Taipei overseas Chinese communities in the Philippines. He was willing to try his best to assist Taipei and strengthen mutual cooperation between the two parties. Enrile hoped that Taipei can provide the Philippines with needed weapons and ammunition. Enrile earned a law degree; he was knowledgeable, shrewd, capable, bold and courageous. He seemed to be one of the most helpful hands of Marcos.


General Wang reports to President Chiang Ching-kuo on his meeting with the Philippines' Speaker of the House of Representatives and Vice President Makalintal regarding Taiwan-Philippines relations and his meeting with Filipino Minister of National Defense Juan Ponce Enrile.

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Box 15, Wang Sheng Papers, Hoover Institution Archives. Translated by Fulong He.


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