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May 16, 1988

Report on a Trip to the DPRK by a Delegation from the GDR

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To the members and candidates of the Politburo, EH [Erich Honecker]
16 May 88



Comrade Erich Honecker

Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Socialist Unity Party and Chairman of the State Council of the GDR
Berlin, 16 May 1988

Dear Comrade Erich Honecker,

I am reporting on the trip by a delegation from the Berlin District of the Socialist Unity Party to the capitols of the People's Republic of China, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and the People's Republic of Mongolia. The delegation was received with extraordinary warmth in Beijing, Pyongyang, and Ulan-Bator. We were afforded the greatest possible opportunities for work in each country.

The delegation leader and Comrade Erhard Krack, the lord mayor, were received by Secretaries General Zhao Ziyang, Kim Il Sung, and Jambyn Batmonh. Our comrades stressed their respect for the policies of the Socialist Unity Party, for the building work that has been accomplished in the GDR, and their great appreciation for the work of Comrade Erich Honecker, Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Socialist Unity Party and Chairman of the State Council of the GDR. They expressed their personal and genuine solidarity with Comrade Honecker.

To augment my telegrams from the individual stations, I have enclosed the detailed records of remarks by Comrade Zhao Ziyang, Comrade Kim Il Sung, and Comrade Jambyn Batmonh.

In addition to the agreements with the Party leadership and municipalities on continuing to improve exchanges, agreements on city cooperation were reached with the capitols of Beijing and Ulan-Bator that the Secretaries General emphatically approved.

The most important of these framework agreements is the one with the city government of Beijing. I have enclosed it with proposals for a number of measures for fleshing out the framework agreement with respect to the 40th anniversary of the People's Republic of China. I would be grateful for your ideas on this so that we can proceed with them in mind.

We will give Comrade Sieber the detailed reports about the delegation's work.

With Socialist greetings,
Günter Schabowski

Report to the GDR Politburo on a trip to China, Mongolia and North Korea, by a member of the delegation, Günter Schabowski.


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SAPMO-BA, DY 30, 2205. Translated by Grace Leonard.


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