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October 15, 1952

Report to V. M. Molotov on Draft Instructions to Cde. Sadchikov, the Soviet Ambassador in Iran

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to Cde. V. M. MOLOTOV


In accordance with your instructions I submit a draft of the instructions to the Soviet Ambassador in Iran.


Please examine [it].


[handwritten signature] G. [Pushkin]


15 October 1952


Nº 300/Gp


[Stamp:] Secretariat of V. M. Molotov

15 October 1952

Incoming Nº M-14401s


Draft instructions to Cde. Sadchikov,

the Soviet Ambassador in Iran


In the present political situation in Iran the Soviet Ambassador should be guided by the following:


1. Closely follow the situation in Iran and inform the USSR MFA concerning the following issues in a timely manner:


a) the development of the national liberation movement in the country, in particular the movement for nationalization of the oil industry of Iran and the elimination of the AINK [Anglo-Iranian Oil Company].


b) the position of the so-called "National Front" and other Iranian political parties and groups on the main issues of Iranian domestic and foreign policy; the differences inside the "National Front", in particular between Mossadegh and Kashani; the plans and intentions of Mossadegh's government regarding the oil issue.


c) the position of the ruling circles of Iran with respect to the Soviet Union and, in particular, on the issue of the further activity of the "Iranryba" company.


d) US and British plans in Iran directed at drawing Iran into a bloc hostile to the Soviet Union and at turning it into a military bridgehead against the USSR.


e) Differences between the US and Britain in Iran.


2. On arrival in Tehran the Soviet Ambassador ought to pay a protocol visit to Kashani as Chairman of the Majlis after paying visits to Mossadegh and Fatemi, the new Minister of Foreign Affairs.


3. The Embassy should not undertake such actions in its work which might be interpreted as support for Kashani by the Soviet Union against Mossadegh. The Embassy should exhibit great caution with respect to intermediaries when making contact with Mossadegh, Kashani, and other Iranian government figures, bearing in mind the possibility of countries hostile to the Soviet Union sending disguised agents to the Embassy.


4. If Mossadegh or Kashani again raise the question of the purchase of Iranian oil by the Soviet Union, then the answer should be that we agree to buy oil from Iran. However, considering the difficulties of shipping oil from the Persian Gulf it would be desirable for Iranian oil intended for sale to the Soviet Union be delivered to Iranian port on the Caspian Sea.


Draft set of instructions for the Soviet Ambassador to Iran, Sadchikov. Indicates several areas for him to pay attention to and report on, specifically Iranian national liberation movements, the "National Front," and plans for nationalizing the oil industry. Also note that he should be especially careful to not appear as if the Soviet Union is taking a stance against Mohammad Mossadegh.


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RGASPI, f. 82, op. 2, d. 1219, l. 125-127. Obtained by Jamil Hasanli and translated for CWIHP by Gary Goldberg.


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