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September 16, 1950

Resolution of the Central Committee, September 16, 1950, to revise a diplomatic note on the question of general elections in Germany and Gromyko's note to Stalin on this matter.

Proletarians of All Countries, Unite! STRICTLY SECRET

All-Union Communist Party [Bolsheviks] [VKP(b)]. CENTRAL COMMITTEE
Minutes 77/393
September 16, 1950

To Comrades Malenkov, Gromyko.

Excerpt from minutes No. 77 of a VKP(b) Politburo session

Decision of September 16, 1950

393. Draft of a note from the Soviet government to the governments of the U.S.A., England, and France concerning Germany-wide elections.

1. Observe that the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs is late in presenting to the Politburo the draft note from the Soviet government to the governments of the U.S.A., England, and France on the issue of Germany-wide elections.

2. Consider unacceptable the draft note presented by the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs and instruct Comrade Gromyko to revise it within 5 days based on the decision that has occurred.

Central Committee of the VKP(b) Politburo

[handwritten]: From the notes of Com. Gromyko of October 9, 1950.

To Comrade J. V. STALIN

On behalf of their governments, the English, U.S. and French Supreme Commanders in the western zones of Germany have sent letters to Comrade Chuikov proposing to start negotiations on preparing a draft electoral laws and holding Germany-wide elections to the National Constituent Assembly of Germany.

They propose taking as the basis for the talks the declaration by the foreign ministers of England, the U.S.A., and France concerning the unification of Germany and also the resolution of the "Bonn government" on holding Germany-wide elections. These documents contain conditions that are clearly not acceptable to us. In particular they envisage that the electoral law be prepared by representatives of the four occupying powers, and not by representatives of the Germany people, and they contain a demand that reparations from current production be stopped, that Soviet joint-stock companies in Germany be liquidated, et al.

Considering the upcoming October 15 elections in the German Democratic Republic, the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises giving an answer to these letters on behalf of the Soviet government to the governments of the U.S.A., England, and France after October 15.

The draft answer prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs evaluates the proposals by the representatives of the three powers and contains our counterproposals concerning Germany-wide elections; our positions are consistent with the decisions of the Potsdam Conference.

The draft resolution of the VKP(b) Central Committee is attached. I request your review.

A. Gromyko

September 14, 1950

Gromyko’s 14 September 1950 note to Stalin about a diplomatic note to US, UK, and France on the process for general elections in Germany; and the Central Committee’s 16 September 1950 decision to seek revision of the diplomatic note.

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