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October 14, 1976

Rhodesian (CIO) Intelligence Report: Formation of Patriotic Front

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With reference to the formation of ANC (Nkomo) + ZANU (Mugabe) with backing of ZIPA (Zimbabwe Peoples Army), in Maputo 7.10.76.


(Mugabe had been proposed by Frontline Presidents as new and effective head of ZANU—rather than Sithole (“who was shaking with rage when he was told this”). Kaunda emphasized to Nkomo the importance of the forthcoming Geneva talks that everything must be done to ensure its successful conclusion.)


It was agreed common front to be formed to present unified front at Geneva.


Official ANC thinking on their demands or preconditions for Geneva conference is that it was essential to give publicity to them in order to take along Mugabe faction and not to be denounced by ZIPA. This was done in the full knowledge that these demands would only be implemented after settlement and the formation of the Interim Government. It was therefore a political move and absolutely essential for any unity with Mugabe… A marriage of convenience… The ANC are under no illusions as to the personal ambitions of Mugabe, but at this particular stage they need him as much as he needs the ANC.


Report from the Rhodesian Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) on the formation of a patriotic front of Rhodesian African Opposition groups ahead of the Geneva Conference

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Rhodes University, Cory Library, Smith Papers, Box 4/005 (M). Included in "Southern Africa in the Cold War, Post-1974," edited by Sue Onslow and Anna-Mart Van Wyk.


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