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January 30, 1964

Romanian Securitate Report on Radio Free Europe's Encouragement of Romanian Independence from the USSR

30 January 1964

M.U. 0123/I         




From Paris, we send you this report numbered 118/e of 27 January [1964]:


[Radio] Free Europe’s central office in New York recently sent a written order to the Paris RFE bureau with regard to the future direction of their broadcasts as it concerns our country. The document suggests that future broadcasts should aim to stimulate “Romania’s tendency towards independence from the USSR.”


In order to accomplish the task, the Paris bureau is directed by the document to obtain data that show Romania’s recent purchases of industrial equipment from the West. This data is to be used to argue that, lately, the People’s Republic of Romania (PRR) is moving closer to the West, where industrial equipment is cheaper and of better quality.


From [our] sources it becomes clear that the Paris RFE bureau has very little data on this issue. Furthermore, in a separate paragraph of the document, the Central office in New York directs [the Paris RFE office] to refer to our country as Romania rather than PRR in its future broadcasts.


ss. Major Caraman

for Conformity
Major Florian Plaiasu


Information Note from the Foreign Information Section of the Securitate with regard to RFE’s encouragement of foreign policy autonomy, and differences of opinion on the matter within RFE.


Document Information


ACNSAS, fond SIE, file 16, p. 110. Translated by Mircea Munteanu.


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