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March 15, 1963

Secret Telegram from Ogrodziński (New Delhi) to Wierna (Warsaw) [Ciphergram No. 3359]

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Ciphergram No. 3359



From…N. Delhi…..dispatched on 03.15. at 10:00 hours……..received on 03.15. at 08:33 hours…

Came in to the Decoding Department…03.15. 11:40 hours…………………………………..






Your 2640.


1) The Americans are decisively disheartened by Diem. If they had a successor who would be suitable for them, they would go for a change. As is evident from the entirety of information, and especially from the reaction of Kennedy to Mansfield’s report, they don’t have one. One cannot exclude the possibility that some in the American spheres are betting on a military coup d’etat [in South Vietnam].


2) It does not seem that India has a clear policy in this matter:


a)  Nehru himself (according to information, which I could not check) would be willing to pull India out of Vietnam in order to “leave the PRC and the US one on one.”


b)  [Foreign Minister M.R.] Desai supports Galbraith’s conception.


c)  A great deal of the Indian apparatus shares sympathy for Diem due to ideological reasons which increased in light of the conflict with the PRC. Besides, many Indians in the commission [ICC] are surely on Diem’s payroll.


3) This objective fact has decisive significance [in this]: the undoubted crisis in American policy of military intervention and fighting with the guerillas.  Both the Americans and Diem can independently aspire for a ceasefire, as both are ready to make concessions – the Americans at the cost of Diem, and Diem at the cost of the Americans. The situation is surely conducive to our diplomacy.







No. 85

Deciphered on 03.15.63 at 13:15

Deciphered by Stafiej, checked by Strzelecki


Polish cable from Ogrodzinski in India to Wierna in Warsaw, noting that the Americans would like to replace Ngo Dinh Diem, but do not have a replacement. Notes that Nehru would be willing to pull out of Vietnam. Concludes that neither Diem nor the Americans can independently seek ceasefire without cost to the other.

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AMSZ, Warsaw, 6/77, 1963: w-102, t-608, obtained and translated by Margaret Gnoinska. Published in CWIHP Working Paper No. 45.


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