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February 15, 1963

Secret Telegram from Rapacki (Warsaw) to Jaszczuk (Moscow)

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Warsaw, 15 February, 1963




1689 15.II.63 at 12:10 hours





Your conversations with Gromyko and Andropov:


We [Poles] hope that it is clear to them [Soviets] that:


1)   We did not insinuate anything to the [North] Vietnamese, except only to make them aware that the matter [was] important, even though we rejected the first American proposition;[1]


2)  We were careful all the more since [the North Vietnamese] Ambassador [in Warsaw Tran Chi Hien] immediately accentuated, with his entire honesty, the differences of the views within the Party:[2]


We limited ourselves to taking notes, asking his position and listening to his long arguments, which we considered “symptomatic, but not conclusive.”


[Deciphered on] 15.II.63 at 13:00 hours


/-/ Rapacki


[1] It is not clear what American proposition Rapacki refers to here.

[2] It is not clear what Rapacki refers to here, but, most likely, the allusion is to differences over the Sino- Soviet split and the advisability of pursuing an armed struggle even at the risk of an escalated conflict with

the Americans.


Cable from Adam Rapacki to Boleslaw Jaszczuk in Moscow describing to him a conversation between Polish and the North Vietnamese officials in Warsaw.

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AMSZ, Warsaw, 6/77, 1963: w-100, t-603, obtained and translated by Margaret Gnoinska. Published in CWIHP Working Paper No. 45.


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