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October 23, 1962

Soviet Report on American Secrecy Efforts

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REPORT #5424/273 from 24.X.62

from incoming (outgoing) ciphered telegram # 30472/775

from 23 October 1962 from Washington


"Reports do not contain secret information. Do not use."

[name and date redacted]


KENNEDY's announcement of USA's actions was prepared in an atmosphere of the greatest secrecy. All government agency employees involved in the preparation of battle plans were forewarned that divulgence of military undertakings would be judged as state treason. Immediately following KENNEDY's speech, a police detail of 7 people and 3 counterintelligence officials was stationed in front of the Soviet embassy.


The reporter from TASS was not admitted to the State Department press conference for American and foreign correspondents.


At 20.00 MCNAMARA held a press conference. Responding to the question from an English correspondent whether Americans are prepared to sink Soviet ships that refuse to stop on the demand of American military ships, MCNAMARA replied in the positive. He showed photographs of purportedly Soviet missile installations and "lL-28" airplanes. He also announced that by the order of the American president, all American forces throughout the world have been put in the state of complete battle readiness.


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Report on US secrecy prior to President Kennedy's October 22 speech announcing the discovery of Soviet missiles in Cuba and the start of a US blockade. Also describes press conference by Robert McNamara.


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