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October 24, 1962

Soviet Report on the Situation in the US Following Kennedy's Announcement

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REPORT #5427/273 from 24.X.62

from incoming (outgoing) ciphered telegram # 30486/1484

from 24 October 1962 from New York


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Every American television and radio company, as well as the newspapers from 23 October, has been broadcasting speeches every half-hour by reactionary senators and correspondents praising KENNEDY's actions. These speeches revealed obvious tendencies to increase tension and to present the situation in a way as if KENNEDY were taking defensive measures. The authorities in New York have announced increased police security throughout the city. Streets are being patrolled by reinforced police units. These measures have been taken, allegedly, in order to avert possible disturbances. This has to do with the fact that the American population is alarmed by KENNEDY's actions. There is increasing dissatisfaction with measures to control cargo shipments to Cuba. Panic is spreading among New York residents; many are beginning to move their families out of the city.


From 13 to 15.00 there was a demonstration in front of the American mission, held by about three thousand Americans demanding the revocation of measures taken by the president. The demonstration included such organizations as "Women for Peace" and "Struggle for Peace."


Groups of Hungarian and Cuban reactionary elements numbering 300 picketed the Soviet [UN] mission. The local press and television tried to give this rabble an  appearance of a large demonstration and sent their cameramen and correspondents to the mission building. These measures intended to escalate the anti-Cuban hysteria.



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[redacted] 26 October 1962


Report on the situation in the US following Kennedy's announcement, including how the crisis is being presented in news media, increased security measures, the mood in New York City and protests occurring in response.


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