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January 14, 1955

Soviet Translaton, 'A Brief Summary of the 19 December 1955 Issue of the Newspaper Mardom Nº 261' (Attachment)



 A BRIEF summary of the 19 December 1954 issue of the newspaper "Mardom" Nº 260


In an editorial entitled, "The Traitor Shah offers to Eisenhower in America a report about the balance of the crimes of the government - the organizers of the coup against the Iranian people". It says in the beginning that the anti-national government of Iran is pursuing a policy of capitulation to the American and British monopolists and inciters of a war in the fields of economics and politics, and militarily. In America the Shah announced his readiness to serve the American imperialists and trample on the independence of Iran in favor of foreign colonizers.


Then the article describes the measures of the coup organizers which threaten the freedom, independence, sovereignty, and existence of Iran.


The first point says that the consortium has completely seized the oil regions of Iran.


The second point tells of the persecution of patriots among the civilian population, the arrest of about 700 honest officers, and the execution of a group of patriotic officers.


The third point points out that all the parties and organizations advocating liberty have been disbanded, and according to a recent law introduced in the Majles all persons involved in these organizations will be judged in courts-martial.


The fourth point speaks of the opening of American and British consulates in various cities, and the arrival in Iran of new American economic and military advisers.


The fifth point speaks of the capitulation of the traitorous government in the face of American and British intrigues in the area of economics; loans from the US ($150 million) and Britain (10 million pounds sterling), concerning which a bill has already been introduced in the Majles; and the opening of branches of foreign banks in Iran. The newspaper sharply condemns such a government policy which, in the newspaper's words, is being pursued to make it easier for foreign capitalists and monopolists to rob Iran.


The sixth point says that, in spite of the Soviet Union's policy of good will expressed in the signing of an agreement settling financial and border differences, the government of the Shah and Zahedi continues to pursue militarist propaganda and anti-Soviet measures.


"The issue of Iran's joining a Central Asian military alliance [CENTO] like the Turkish-Pakistan bloc", continues the newspaper, "is being discussed by government bodies which are preparing the ground to realize this issue. The recent conference of political representatives of Britain in the Middle East which was held in Beirut with the participation of British Ambassador in Iran Stevens, ended with the adoption of a decision about the creation in the Middle East of an aggressive military alliance in the British manner and with British hegemony which intends to draw Iran into this alliance among the first countries of the Middle East. The goal of these plans is to turn Iran into a military base against the Soviet Union and drag the people of our motherland into aggressive adventures. The traitorous government which came to power as a result of a coup is in 100% agreement with these plans".


The seventh point regards the desire of the Shah and reactionaries of Iran to convene a congress in order to further violate the people's rights.


The eighth point speaks of the growth of poverty and the high prices in the country. "Life in Iran has never been so difficult as it is today".


In conclusion the editorial says, "The traitorous Shah went to America to show that the situation in Iran is 'stable' and that they (the American imperialists - V. P.) can pursue any matter they want. The traitorous Shah went to America to report the happy news that 'Iran has been turned into a cemetery'".


The editorial ends with words about the unbroken will of the Iranian people to fight for the freedom and independence of their motherland, which is inspired by the last words of patriots before execution, "Long live the independence of Iran!"


An article was placed in the same issue under the headline, "With each day the incitements of the imperialist instigators of war which are directed at increasing tension in the international situation increase". This article speaks of the desires of the American and British imperialists to arm West Germany and about their aggressive policy in the Far East.


The third article of the newspaper "Mardom" is devoted to the memory of the Iranian patriots who fell in battle for the freedom and independence of Iran. "The execution of the officers", it says in the article, "is provoking a protest not only in Iran, but also in the press of other countries, particularly in the French press". The article tells of how steadfastly the executed officers from the first group spent their last days, particularly Colonel [Siyamak].



[signature] (V. Pankratov)



14 January 1955

This is a summary of articles found in the "Mardom" newspaper, which was published illegally in Iran by the underground communist Tudeh (People's) Party of Iran. The issue summarized condemns the Shah as a traitor and as cooperating with the Americans and the British at the cost of the Iranian civilians.

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RGANI, f. 5, op. 28, d. 347. Department for Relations with Foreign Communist Parties (International Department of the Central Committee), 1953-1957, microfilm, reel 83. Translated for CWIHP by Gary Goldberg.


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